Topaz FREE Sharpen AI redemption problems

Hello to anyone who can help with this - I have received multiple emails from Topaz indicating that I am entitled to a free copy of Sharpen AI as a purchaser/user of In Focus. Every time I follow the links I was sent they take me to the order page and attempt to charge me for the full price of the product. When I follow the instructions re: the coupon code box it does not remove the cost of the product but instead doubles my order and my cost in my cart. I sent an email to Topaz on February 28th which has not been replied to as of March 4th (2019) - I have sent a follow up email today.

Topaz indicates they have created a support ticket for me using ticket # - 167149 But when I follow that link to check on the status it goes to a dead page with nothing but a redirect to another page that is not relevant to my ticket. Has anyone experienced this? I have purchased quite a few Topaz products and have never had the need to contact customer support before but I find this shady. I can understand taking a couple days to get back to someone but no reply after 6 days seems excessive.

Just want to know if anyone else received those emails from Topaz and has experienced the same issues when trying to claim what they offered. Thanks in advance!


Tom, try following my procedure here, its a bit unintuitive but it worked for me.

Topaz is not ‘shady’, March 4 is only 4 days with a weekend in so really 2 days, and it may well be that Topaz Support are busy. If you received the acknowledgement email it is in the queue.

And, of course, you DO realize you can download the product and use it as a 30 day trial while you are waiting.

Hi Tom! It looks like our newest agent Adam got Sharpen AI added to your account. Anyone else waiting on their free upgrade please know that we’re working furiously to get to everyone, and we had a huge response from this release. Our main priority right now is making sure everyone gets an answer. We will be moving very quickly over the next couple of weeks as questions come in, so please be patient, and we will get to you, like Tom, here.

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Thanks guys! I appreciate the response and the help very much!

Thanks for the reply - but I wasn’t going to download the trial without knowing if I was ultimately going to be paying for the product. I apologize for miscounting the days in February. - You are right. Been a busy week with shoots and other things and I did overestimate the number of days I had been waiting. Also I was not calling Topaz “shady” - just pointing out that the emails were not connecting to the page or making clear the download protocols effeciently or easily and with all the spam emails and spoofed messages mailed out it seemed a problematic way to make this type of an offer so I was asking if the emails were shady. But I thank you for the reply.

We’ll do better next round of free upgrades :wink: