How to upgrade to Sharpen AI from InFocus?

I understand form Albert’s blog post today that Sharpen AI is considered an upgrade from Topaz InFocus. I already have InFocus and want to take advantage of the upgrade, but when I install and run Sharpen AI, it gives me the option of buying it or starting a 30-day trial, nothing about an upgrade. How do I upgrade from InFocus to Sharpen AI?

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Log into your Topaz account then go to download tabs and select Sharpen AI it will go into your basket. Then click on coupon and the coupon will adjust price. Then download the installer. That’s how I did it.

I logged into my account and went to the Account menu > coupons and saw the coupon tab for upgrading In-focus to AI Sharpen. Once it was clicked it went away. I got an email stating my Studio order was complete for $0.00 (Studio?). However, the Stand alone AI Sharpen still shows it is on trial. Do you enter the In-focus key to activate it? There were no instructions.

Sharpen AI in the plugin menu of Studio shows it as a trial as well.

Go into Help and click on Update Ownership.

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I read a similar article stating that it was a free upgrade to replace InFocus. I also received an email from Topaz saying that I get a discount because I’ve previously purchased the Sharpen Pro Adjustment. The discount code was in my coupons, but free upgrade is better. :wink:

I’m a bit confused. Submitted support ticket and waiting patiently for an answer.


btw… I tried those other suggestions. They did not work for me.

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Kathy, I did that several times but it still says 30 days left in trial. I may try to delete it and reinstall.

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Did you try logging out of your TS account and log back in?

I finally figured it out. After logging into your Topaz account click on Coupon either on the left side of your account page or under Account > coupon then click on the coupon tag.

Next, go to the Stand alone > Sharpen AI menu at the top of the page and select Sharpen AI.
Once on the page, scroll to the bottom and find Buy Now. Once you have the cart it should show the price minus the coupon. Then check out normally to purchase. Finally, download or if you are using a trial go to the Help menu > Update ownership and it will change from trial to normal version.

This is for people who already own InFocus.


I own all the Topaz Plug Ins including infocus but I do not have a coupon in my account and no way of claiming the free upgrade.

Suggest you put in a support ticket with Customer Service. There are links at the top of the page.

Tried that, didn’t work. I am currently using the trial version, so far I am not impressed software takes forever to do anything, and I am not lacking for processing power. End results have been disappointing actually little if any change in the finall image.

I put a support request in over 4 days ago and still no response. I do not want to moan in a public forum but unfortunately I had similar issues with Studio and not being able to update/upgrade - which were never resolved and I feel I am going to have a similar experience with this.