Topaz & Autohide taskbar hidden in Fullscreen Mode

Launching Topaz Photo AI seems to disable the autohide function of the Windows 11 taskbar such that the taskbar is hidden, making changing application a two key action (Alt + Tab) as opposed to a a mouse movement to bring up the taskbar. Please could Photo AI not stop the taskbar functionality

Seems to be OK for me, do you have multiple GPUs or using Extend on multiple displays?

OK I see that you can’t activate the Task Bar if Photo AI is in fullscreen mode.

Hi Yes, I do have two screens and the default is that I am using Second Screen only and PC Screen is switched off (The PC Screen is shared between two computers and is the default screen for the other computer)
When I launch Photo AI it fills the whole screen and the 3 window buttons are visible. Minimise and Close work on one click but the middle one (change size) does not bring up the screen partition options menu (of Windows 11) nor does it do anything on a single click. A double click shrinks the window. And as noted moving the cursor below the bottom of the window does not bring up the Autohiden taskbar which you have observed as well.
Alt + Tab does work for switching windows
I love the screen partition options and use it a lot, though very rarely when doing any photographic work.

I was able to reproduce both these on Windows 10 and 11.

I made a task for my team to fix this behavior. They are currently working on this.

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We were able to fix the Restore (change size) button not working in v1.2.8. We are still working on the task bar not appearing and looking into partition options.