Topaz Apps - Screen flickering under Sonoma

Hello, I’m having an issue with my Topaz Apps (Gigapixel and Sharpen). I’m using a Mac Studio M1 running Monterey.
The apps had always worked fine before but now they keep flickering while I’m using them.
This doesn’t seem to affect the output but it’s very annoying.

I’ve seen the issue mentioned in other posts but so far haven’t found a solution.
Does anyone know anything about this?




I just opened Topaz Sharpen on my M1 Mac running Sonoma and the app flickers non stop. Extremely annoying. Used to work fine last time I used the app a month or two ago. Now this problem.

Any solutions? Topaz is aware of this I hope?


same problem here on MacBook M1

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Same thing MacBook Pro 14 M1

Same here after update to Sonoma

Me too!

Same here (MBP 14" M1 Pro, also on Sonoma). Completely unusable atm.

having the same issue … but it seems there is no reply and … no help???

I have two displays, a Studio monitor and an LG 4K. After unplugging the LG monitor, the flickering stopped on the Studio monitor. (I have not yet tried the reverse, but expect the same result.) Everyone who has two displays with the Sharpen AI flickering problem should try this workaround. Given that there will be no further updates, this may be the only viable option to keep Sharpen AI functioning.

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I’m just using the Topaz Labs and experiencing flickering on my Studio M2. What the heck?

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Do you have a second display attached? Which Topaz Labs program causes the flickering: Gigapixel, Denoise, Sharpen, Photo AI?

I do not.

Since posting my initial solution e a couple of days ago, I discovered a better option, thanks to a post on the Apple forum. My flickering problem while using Sharpen AI disappeared once I deleted a duplicate color profile. You can check by opening System Preferences and then clicking on “Displays”. Click on the arrows next to the Color Profile option which allows you to see all of the available color profiles. If you have a duplicate of the color profile in use, you can safely delete it. (click on “Customize” at the bottom of the list. Then highlight one of the duplicates and click on the “-“ button at the bottom of the list.
It appears that this flickering problem has occurred for many Mac users who updated to Sonoma but it is not restricted to Topaz apps. However, the solution I outlined seems to have eliminated the problem for everyone who has tried it.


Thank you for sharing your research and workaround. Oddly enough, my flickering has stopped. It’s particularly interesting bc it started after I downloaded the trial, occurred when I wasn’t even using the program, and has since stopped.

A self-resolving problem is my favorite kind of problem.

I have this issue on Mac with Sonoma 14.1.
I changed the resolution settings of the Mac from Promotion to 60Hz and it stops. :slight_smile:

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iMac M1 flickering stops when Sharpen is in full screen. Hope this helps

I got this too, but only with Topaz Sharpen. I’d describe it as flashing rather than flickering and it makes it impossible to use Sharpen when not in full screen. I’m on a 24" iMac 2021, and the problem started when I updated to Sonoma about 10 days ago

Full screen is a viable workaround, but I sure hope Topaz can fix this. Seems like it should have been fixed by now, from what I see here

This sounds interesting but I don’t know why I can’t delete the duplicates I find. Haven’t been able to find a workaround for that on google. =(

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Topaz has stated that they will not be fixing this?