Topaz Apps - Screen flickering under Sonoma

Answer from support

Unfortunately, we haven’t found a way to resolve this flickering conflict. Since the Image Quality applications (DeNoise AI, Sharpen AI, & Gigapixel AI) will no longer receive updates, we can’t guarantee this will function on MacOS Sonoma because the Image Quality apps stopped receiving updates on MacOS Ventura.

We are moving users towards Topaz Photo AI, which combines the functionalities of all three apps into an all-in-one app. Topaz Photo AI also receives weekly updates. If you’re interested in Topaz Photo AI, let me know.

In my case on a MacMini M1 with dual screen, it flashs on both screen, full screen or not :frowning:

I duplicate color profile that I deleted was a user profile, not a system profile (although I have no idea why there was a duplicate). To check whether a system color profile could be deleted, I opened a list of the color profiles from the Displays tab in System Settings. There were a pair of profiles named “Wide Gamut”. I could not use the “-“ option to delete one of them. You can find your user profiles in /Library/ColorSync/Profiles.

The “I” that begins the above sentence should have been “The”, i.e. “The duplicate color profile that I deleted …”

If it can be of help to anyone… this is my second day on Topaz Sharpen AI and this flickering was taking me to madness town… In my case I did fix it (or so it seems… I’m yet to experience it ever since) by changing the Refresh Rate option from ProMotion to 60 Hertz.

Give it a try and let me know if it did the trick for you.


I’m on Sonomo, M2 MacBook Pro 14", using an external monitor. I’ve deleted the extra colour profile and tried full-screen. Sharpen AI consistently flashes to the point where it’s unusable. I wish fullscreen was viable for my compute as I work on the second monitor and use the laptop for palettes.

Great so we paid a bunch of money for redundant software. Fantastic

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My apologies if I don’t have this post in the right category. As soon as I open Topaz Sharpen, the window flashes quickly, erratically, and constantly on and off, “blinking”. The app is unusable because of this. Topaz Gigapixel, Topaz DeNoise and Topaz Photo AI don’t have this problem. This is on a Mac M1 Ultra with no other apps open in the background at the same time. I tried uninstalling and re-installing, no difference. Sharpen did not have this problem months ago, and I don’t know what changed to cause it now. I’ve walked away for 15 minutes and it seems to stop flashing. But as soon as I start to click on any setting, the flashing starts again. I saw one suggestion that a change in Hardware Acceleration might fix this, but I don’t know how to do that. And why isn’t the flashing a problem in the other Topaz apps?

Please raise a support request at the main website, you can also use

OK, thanks.

Client host rejected: Access denied when I tried

It means your email/provider is not accepted. Possibly because it is unknown and not used on your account.

Go to the main website and use the blue callout to raise a support request. Make sure popups are allowed in your browser.

The blue callout worked, thank you.
Unfortunately, after support’s suggestion of (1) lowering display hertz and (2) removing the plists failed, their reply was that this problem with the Sharp app cannot be resolved since the Mac’s Ventura system software updated to Sonoma in October. Topaz has no plan to fix it. I guess all I can do is hope that they eventually update the sharpen tool in Photo AI so it has the same functionality, particularly to compare 4 different sharpen models at the same time.

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Same problem here, on my new Mac Studio M2 Max, running Sonoma 14.2.1 – ARRGH!

I had same flashing screen problem on Macbook pro 14 inch 2021 M1 pro chip and changing to 60 Hertz solved the problem.

Same problem here, after Sonoma upgrade. I have a Mac Studio M1 Max, 2x LG UltraFine 27"displays. None of the mentioned workarounds did the trick at first, although deleting a duplicate profile plus holding the cursor over the image for a couple of minutes seemed to calm the flickering down and then, it stopped altogether, with just the odd flicker from time to time if teh cursor came off the image.

Brother, you are a life saver. Thank you. I am not sure the downsides of changing to 60. but it worked and sharpen ai no longer flashes.

I have an M2 PowerBook Pro using an external monitor. Bring the sample rate down to 30Hertz did the job.

I thought the same thing

Thanks so much for the tip. Finally solved!