Topaz adding weird unexplainable artifacts

Just upgraded to the latest: 2.2.0
My version of Windows is: Windows 10 22H2
My computer is: AMD 12-Core Processor 64GB Ram
Video Card: AMD Radeon RX 5600 XT

See those black shadows added by Topaz… not on the left side? At first I though, maybe they were in the original photo, then I was like, no, where did that come from? Face detection is not on. hehe. Like some-sorta reverse smiley face.

Edit: Found if I turn off ‘Sharpen Subject’ the artifacts go away. So the problem is in the ‘Sharpen Subject’.

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Just trying out 2.2.0 on current Windows 10, NVidia 1050Ti and I can second the above written:

Turning off sharpen will remove the black on the hand. But the sharpen creates way too much noise on the hand anyway.

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Probably not creating the noise but sharpening will make it look worse. You need to remove the noise before sharpening. AutoPilot is not doing a good job, more denoise needs to be applied on this image.

hehe… I think we found Disney’s “Black Hole”. IN… THROUGH… and… BEYOND!.. what nobody remembers that reference?

It would be great to read from any person of topazlabs quality assurance that this bug is confirmed and also when it gets fixed. I will not buy buggy software any more. I can wait until it fits my needs and at least it should have a focus on bugfixing prior to create new fancy features…

I haven’t seen it, in a while. Your still seeing it in the latest updates? I guess I haven’t been paying attention to each in every “Topaz-Update” list of fixes. Sometimes they just fix stuff silently.
Perhaps, I just haven’t been using the ‘triggering’ kind of images.

Hello. I have the same problem. It is a sort of frame actually. I read in another thread that it is either related to the hardware we use or to a camera not being supported. I put the second in the category of things that can be fixed by Topaz. I hope we can have an official answer.

So what is your actual problem and can you replicate it? Post screenshots also.

Well in my case above that started this thread it was a simple Cellular telephone shot. Usually I’m shooting ‘Canon’. But I “Had” gotten intermitted times where I had seem the problems with that too. I’m leaning towards that this is not “hardware” related. This is something to do with the “Sharpening” engine making an “AI” decision in the wrong direction. If it hasn’t already been repaired. Like I said, it’s been a little while since I’ve seen it. At least a month.

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