Topaz A1 2.4.0 update-pulling my hair out with frutration

I absolutely hate the new update. I hate the layout and that its taken away the whole screen option in the preserve text. I use preserve text to help clean up my photos and this is making me pull my hair out. It is now taking more time for me to edit photos instead of making it quicker. The layout is also terrible. I don’t like the drop down as its takes more time to find the options I want to find. The previous layout was more user friendly where you can see the choices to choose from instead. I feel I just waisted the $99 to renew my subscription to something I won’t be using. Is there a way to go back the previous settings. Please help…I’m so frustrated


Here is a list of the Releases. You can revert to the one you prefer.

Thank you. Put it back to the last update much happier.


Yeah i also cannot stand the new layout. Absolutely horrific. So angry.


Give me back 2.3.2 I hate the new layout! Revert back to to the 2.3 interface please!

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I use preserve text a lot and they took out the option to select all. Very frustration to try to paint the whole screen to get the effect I want.