Topaz 3.01 hangs after export back to Apple Photos | Apple Photos plugin

I just returned from a trip and have lots of photos to process. I am shooting a Nikon D7500 with RAW .NEF image files. I am importing them into Apple Photos (Fully updated) running Sonoma 14.4.1 on an iMac. When I try to use Topaz Photo AI (version 3.0.0) I am able to perform all of the edit functions. However, when. try to export to Photos ( I am using Topaz P. AI as a plugin) the processing begins but never finishes. The prossessing wheel keep spinning but nothing happens. I have paused to process and restarted, I have quit and repaired my photos library to see if any files may have been corrupt. But this did not finish the issue. Both landscape and portrait images do not work. (I have a previously unresolved issue with raw .NEF files not being able to save if they are portrait orientation).
I have included one raw image and the log files. I’m not sure what else I need to include at this point.
_JEK0059.NEF (25.9 MB)
2024-04-14-18-47-27.tzlog (127.1 KB)
2024-04-14-18-49-23.tzlog (26.1 KB)
2024-04-14-19-06-40.tzlog (91.0 KB)
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Thank you for your help, Jason

This issue is only happening when a Raw file is sent to Topaz Photo AI through the Apple Photos plugin.

For now, I would recommend either making an edit to the image before using the Topaz Photo AI plugin (which will turn the ORF into a JPG before sending to Topaz Photo AI), or rolling back to v2.4.2 for now.

If you would like to roll back to v2.4.2, follow the instructions below.

  1. Open Finder, go to the Applications folder, and delete any/all versions of Topaz Photo AI from Applications.
  2. Download the Mac installer for v2.4.2 of Topaz Photo AI here.
  3. Run the installer.

I like the overall direction on the new UI. 2 big problems I have right now:

  1. CR3 (canon compressed RAW) files being opened from the Apple Photos app never save back. It will spin for over an hour with nothing happening. JPG works fine and edited RAW files work OK. However, my workflow is to run Topaz on the RAW files before making any other edits, pass them back to Apple Photos. It will export as DNG when I open from desktop and save to desktop.

  2. Minor issue but when highlighting subjects, there is quite a bit of lag when moving the brush around.

Thank you. I appreciate the suggestion but I just don’t want to edit as a JPG becasue the editing comes out looking artificial compared to the raw editing. I hope the developers can resolve this raw issue soon, it is a very important feature of teh software and has previously been VERY good.
Thank you for the help with rolling back, I may do that for now. I appreciate the help.

Well, in the meantime, I may have come up with a workaround for my other problem. Previously if I tried to edit a portrait profile picture in raw editing mose it would not save to Apple Photos, only landscape would save. But I turned off the auto-rotate option in my camera and the portrait images will now save after raw editing and can then be rotated afterward.

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I had a couple I had to get edited for prints yesterday. I exported unmodified original from Apple Photos and edited it from my desktop. It saved as a DNG. I then imported that back into Apple Photos manually. Kind of a pain but it was a workaround.

the issue is not only with Nikon .NEF files, it is with Canon .CR3 files too.

Hope this helps.

I should note that this remedy applied because I reverted back to the V2.4.2 of Topaz Photo AI. Nothing worked for me in V3.0.

Thanks, I was figuring that I could work it that way, but I have over 700 photos from my trip and plan on editing many of them. Perhaps if I need to I can use the workaround for very important pics. Thanks

Any word on whether or not the latest update to TPAI addresses the issue I am having with the photos from my Nikon D7500?

There’s a task for our team to work on this for future releases however I personally do not have a timeline for this issue to be resolved. We will be sure to reach out to you once we have more information.

Thank You John. I am hoping to buy the new version of TP. Is there any way that you or anyone can tell me if it might work with Nikon raw (.NEF) files from my D7500? Perhaps if the new version works then it is a win win. But I don’t want to spend $149 if it won’t support the file type that I currently use. Thanks very much for your help

Be Well, Jason Ksepka

Topaz gives no correct preview and hangs after export tot Apple Photos.

I have linked Topaz Photo AI to Apple Photos. After working on an image on Photos I open it through the App onto Topaz. I use the DeNoise, sharpen and enhance modes to clean up the image and when I save it, Topaz hangs. I have reported this multiple times to Topaz through the key that you have provided. I am running the latest version of Topaz as well as Mac OS. Please advise. Thank you.
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