TIFF Monochrome RAW Issue

When editing this picture from LrC, I open the colour version in Topaz V2.3.1, and save back to LrC and it is fine. When I do the same with the exact same pic but in BnW, the file re-merge (I have to assume) in LrC is no longer supported. but the colour version is.
This happened whether or not I cropped the image. And only seems to be happening with this and the last version I had (Updated to see if it fixed anything, and it did not.)
Seems to work perfectly otherwise, face detect works, AI enhance, all of the features work, but it wont merge the file back properly.
This happens in all 4 colour spaces: sRGB, ProPhoto RGB, Adobe RGB (1998), and Display P3, when in TIFF format. JPEG seems to be fine with BnW pics. This happens with more than just this image as well.

Steps to reproduce issue:

  1. Right click on BnW picture (adobe Monochrome or Camera Monochrome from Nikon Z6II), “Open in Topaz Photo AI” with following: “Edit a copy with Lightroom Adjustments”, TIFF, sRGB, 16 bits, 600 resolution, none compression.
  2. Let AI guide do what it wants to
  3. Save image back to LrC using Button
  4. See “This file appears to be unsupported or damaged” in LrC
  5. Try again, but with picture in a colour profile
  6. See perfect image


Error in LrC (Latest Version):

Image in BnW:

Same Image but in Colour:

Original Image:
Z62_4055.NEF (25.9 MB)

LrC Version:

Topaz Photo AI [v2.3.1] on [Windows]

There is a known bug with Greyscale/B&W where the output file is invalid.

Our development team is looking into this and will hopefully have a fix soon.

For now here is the workaround:

  • Convert the Greyscale/B&W image to color

  • Open and edit the color image in Topaz Photo AI and output the file.

  • Convert the color image back to Greyscale/B&W

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