Theia Fidelity Error

I get an error when trying to do a preview or full export using Theia AI model finetuning fidelity. I can use other AI models without any problem and I even used Theia fidelity on another video.

My laptop is a 12th Gen Intel Core i7 Windows 11 with 32 GB RAM and GeForce MX550 (2GB). (1.9 MB)

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Thanks for uploading the logs. This is an out-of-memory error caused by your GPU. Unfortunately, your VRAM of 2GB is below our minimum system requirements of 6GB.

You can try changing a few settings in the preferences panel:

  • Set the AI Processor to GPU
  • Set the max memory usage at 10%
  • set max processes to 1
  • save the settings and exit the panel.

Ok thank you so much!

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