The cropping tool

It is ok to have a crop tool, but I don’t see a way to rotate the image from horizontal to vertical or to adjust the angle. If the image is a portrait format but is laying on its side due to having been scanned using a negative scanner, it needs to be rotated. The crop tool allows rotation of the underlying image to a portrait orientation but the bounding box remains horizontal and the top and bottom of the image are lost.

To top it off there is no UNDO.
Autopilot can be run but that doesn’t restore the image to what it was on import. It is still cropped to the center section of the image which is now upright but in a landscape orientation.

To me this negates doing any cropping within this app.

We’ve been able to rotate images on our cell phones for almost 20 years. Why even bother with a crop tool if there is no ability to rotate the image and make it fill the bounding box??

Steps to reproduce issue:

  1. Step 1 Select an image that is landscape but should be portrait
  2. Step 2 Try whatever you can find in the program to make it portrait
  3. Step 3 Get medical assistance to stop the bleeding caused by pulling your hair out

The other thing I can’t help noticing is that the box at right showing “Your topic is similar to…” shows result that aren’t within a long distance flight of what this is about. Whatever is being used for that context is not functioning at all, at least in this case.

Topaz Photo AI [v1.x.x] on [Windows/Mac]

You can rotate your image in the Crop window by clicking next to the image. You will want to make sure your Aspect Ratio is set to Custom so you can adjust the Bounding Box for cropping.

If that is the case there should be an informative/instructional popup about that. No other cropping tool I’ve ever used has been this clumsy.

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