System profile fly-out for forum

Yeah, not sure where this request belongs, but, for the forum, but it would actually be nice if a fly-out like ‘Summary’ could be implemented, standard, for people’s computer specs. Would save so muck asking!

Maybe like a pinned post with a collection of system configurations and speeds? Topaz needs to make a benchmark mode first. I’m a web developer and I don’t know what you mean by fly-out. I have some vague ideas of what it could mean, but it’s not something I’ve heard before.

Nearly got my head bitten off, as I completely missed this ‘fly-out’ board feature too. :slight_smile: See:

But then got to thinking, ‘This would be ideal to hide a person’s specs in, so people do not constantly have to ask what hardware a person is running on.’

Ah so like an old forum signature. It could be nice, so long as people fill it out. I still want a benchmark mode.

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It was suggested some years ago that people put that info in their profile for the very reason you mention here. Then all you have to do is click on their icon to get the details. I don’t think very many bothered and the take up for your suggestion would probably be the same.

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