Synching with Photoshop CS6

Having had to a restore to factory settings on my Dell 7586, I then had to re-download all my Topaz software, and I think old age is setting in because for the life of me, I can’t get them to sync up with Photoshop, specifically the Adjust AI, DeNoise AI and Sharpen AI.
If I try to use those, I get an “error: launch plug in failure” box after which PS crashes. I had them working before, so what I am missing? Everything is in program files. In my previous set up, the “legacy” plug -ins were under “filters” as a drop down “Topaz Labs” and the AI software was in a “Studio 2” drop down.
How do I get these back where they belong?

Make sure that you have exited Photoshop and run them as a standalone before using from Photoshop.

So if I run them as stand alones they’ll magically be able to be run in Photoshop? Sort of like breaking them in first?

OK, so opening them as stand alones does nothing regarding Photoshop (not sure what you meant, but oh well). I need to have them in Photoshop. Previously, they were under a drop menu in filters for “Topaz Studio”. (Legacy filters were in a drop menu “Topaz Labs”.)
This is what I’m trying to achieve again. I’m not interested in having them only as stand alones as I work on the raw files in PS and go right to the Topaz AI for further post work.

No it isn’t magic, but they will install the plugins the first time they are run. And, as long as the CS6 plugin folders have not been changed they will appear in the Topaz Labs drop-down list, they have never appeared in the Topaz Studio list as they are not part of Studio 1. It will look like this:


If you don’t have them appear then you can go and do the following in your CS6 plugins folder, you will need to change the directories to where you have installed Topaz Products:

  • You will have to create a new shortcut in the CS6 Plugins folder and call it Topaz Labs, then
  • Edit the shortcut and under Target point to the top level directory where your Topaz Labs products are installed … like this:


And that’s it…

There is no (right click) option to create a new shortcut in the CS plug-in folder. Create new shortcut (right clicking on the folder, not in it) does not allow the actual creation of a shortcut to another folder.

I created a shortcut that defaults to the desktop then put it in CS plug-ins and nothing. I didn’t have to move things around or create shortcuts or folders before. I’m stumped as to why this has happened.
Dell 7586, Win10, v1903

Sounds like you don’t have sufficient permission for the folder and that may be why the installer couldn’t create the link.

I’m the only user/administrator on this laptop. I didn’t have this issue before (I had others, but not this). Downloading the software before got it to Adobe without doing anything.

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I can’t figure out how Adjust AI got in there but the others didn’t.

Are they all in the same upper level folder.

Not sure what you mean by “upper level folder”. This is the Topaz Labs folder:

Previous post was the folders in CS6’ plug-in folder. Can’t make heads or tails of this.

If you note in the previous post, all the filters, including Ais, have shortcuts in CS6’s plug-in folder, yet the only AI that made it to the Photoshop menu is Adjust AI. All were downloaded, one after the other in the same time period.

I take it that is your CS6 plugin folder and i see you have links to individual plugins for Adjust AI, DeNoise AI and Sharpen AI there but they were not created by the Topaz Labs installer.

Right click on the Topaz Labs - Shortcut, select properties, take a screen snip and post it here please.

Also what is in the Topaz Studio folder in plugins?

Those links were definitely created with the installer. I did nothing to get those at all. That’s why I don’t get why this isn’t working. I posted a screenshot above of what’s in the Topaz Labs folder.

Nothing is in the Studio 2 folder except Studio 2.

What is the upper level of that image with folders and links as I can only see This PC on the left.

What are the contents of your PS plugin folder?

Again, this is the entire contents of the plug-in folder. I did not create those shortcuts-they went in when I installed the filters.

If you still can’t see them, they are: Panels, Topaz Adjust 5, Topaz Simplify 4, Topaz Studio 2, then shortcuts for: Glow2, Impression2, TextureEffects2, AdjustAI, DeNoiseAI, SharpenAI, AdjustAI (again)…and I think I may have seen the problem! Nope, I was wrong. Each has a folder shortcut as well.

Please take screen snips of the Adjust 5, Simplify 4 and Studio 2 folders and post here please because they don’t look like links to me.

They aren’t links. I deleted everything and started over and still none of the AI softwares is working in PS, yet everything created a shortcut in CS’ Plug-ins folder.

I did nothing other than install them, all in Programs.
Studio 2 created a separate folder, Topaz LLC, which only holds Studio 2.