Suddenly with the latest update to Photo AI is awful

I’m stunned by how this has changed with the new update for PhotoAI. I’m using a Mac Book Pro with M2 Max chip. and the most recent system software. Just a week ago I was blown away, but today I’m at a loss for what went wrong.

But what exactly was it that went wrong? Do tell…

NOT Meant in a sarcastic manner, just that others might be able to help with suggestions were they to understand why you’re disappointed. Perhaps they’ve experienced the same problem(s) you’re having and have found the solution.

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My experience - After update, the screen did not update “Live” but I need to minimise then maximise again then I am able to see the changes. It seems like there is a lag or the screen somehow did not show the live update. Even after I change back to an earlier version it did not help. I am using the MacBook Pro M2

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same since update it lets me upload photos i then usually go work on somethung else but phota AI keeps crashing and processing nothing unless i do one at a time which i dont have time for


This is what I get after a long processing time with AI Photo 1.3.4 using a MacBook Pro with M2Max.

Hi @pam.mullen, thanks for sharing those.

Fortunately, this is not the expected behavior on an M2 Mac so let’s see if we can get it working for you.

I would like to try to reproduce the problem on my end to see what’s going on. You can securely send me the following information using my Dropbox link below.

  1. The original image file.
  2. The processed image.
  3. A screenshot or description of the settings panel so I can see what adjustments were turned on.

Submit to Dropbox. Let me know when you have sent something.

Please also upload the log files so I can see what’s going on in the application. To do that, open Topaz Photo AI and go to the Help > Open Log Folder menu option and Email me all the logs files in the folder.

I should be able to determine next steps given that information.

I don’t understand how to “email” the log files to you.

Hi @pam.mullen, you can just upload your log files to this thread here – there is an upload button that looks like a little box with an arrow pointing up coming out of it that you can click to upload your files :slight_smile:

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