Subject detection

I am finding version 3 to be less effective than previous versions. In particular I can not find any control which allows sharpening to be applied to the subject only. Previously the subject was masked in red and there was a choice as to whether the effect would be applied to to the whole image or the subject only.

I was very impressed with Topaz AI’s previous versions but I feel that version 3 has been counter productive and the results are now not as good as Denoise and Sharpening in On 1.


You can then use a brush to modify the subject. Or switch to All etc via the Auto selection drop-down.
Go to Preferences to set the default selection in Sharpen.

I must have a defective version as the panel which gives the options for sharpening modes, has no brush options below it so I do not have this facility!

Click the Selection button!

Thanks. I did not notice this button, but in any case I am in the process of reinstalling and will check this out when it is finished


Thanks again. after reinstallation I have found the control button, but I do rather prefer the much simpler subject detection in the previous version.

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