Studio v.2.0.11 - Looks missing from Affinity Photo Plugin

Calling Studio v2.0.11 as a plugin from Affinity Photo opens fine, but there are no “Looks” to choose from. The “MyLooks” menu is empty and there are no default looks either. Worked before v2.0.11. Filters are available and work, just no “Looks”.

They’re all there for me - Windows 10.

Working for me, too…

Please post a screenshot of the Photoshop Plugins panel under preferences and also go to Help-> Graphics info. in Studio 2, press the Copy button and past the information here.

Probably a bit late for answering to this thread b/c you hopefully have been able to resolve your problem in the meantime.
I had the same problems you describe here after updating Studio to version 2.2.0. I did not experience such with earlier Studio 2 updates.
So just for the records and in case it may be helpful for future readers I’d like to share a link to another thread in this forum with a description of possbile causes for the problem and a solution that worked for me.

I use Studio 1 free, I bought Studio 2 nine months ago for Mac. I’m using Affinity Photo, but the Looks, Textures and other resources brushes etc aren’t available in the plugin. It isn’t a plugin installation problem, the plugin loads fine and can use adjustments, so long as they don’t require resources such as textures and brushes.

Had much to and fro with support with the final response being that it will be kept open as a support problem nine months ago. As I say it isn’t a plugin installation problem as the plugin loads as it should do, but more the plugin itself will not link to its own resources.

Anybody else experience this on the Mac? Managed to solve it?

To be honest pretty disappointed with Topaz, I paid for it but haven’t yet been able to use at all it in the last nine months so even though paid for it am using the old free Studio 1. Bit like buying a car that won’t start.

Would have started this as a new thread, but I don’t even have the facility to start a new thread on the forum, no plus button for me. Also I tried to upload two screenshots, but I get a message saying I’m not allowed to upload images.

Overall dissapointed, I love the Topaz Studio, would really like to get my Studio 2 to do something. Would be good if support could at least say “no it doesn’t work and won’t for the forseable future”. Would be great to be able to report it in the forum also with a new thread and a couple of images. Can report though online payment for the software went smoothly with no problems though.

Sorry if this sounds negative, just getting really frustrated with it and don’t want to get to 12 months of no use after spending the best part of £100. By the way it was made clear it will work with Affinity prior to purchase just like Studio 1 that I was using.

You can upload images now, the cause of this is usually that you don’t have sufficient access rights to the folders that hold those resources. I would check them because on Windows I have no issues calling Studio 2 from Affinity Photo … BTW do you have the latest version of Studio 2 v2.3.1 installed?

This is a screenshot of Studio 2 from AP:

Thanks Don. I’ve got version 2.2.0 on the Mac. I have dutifully download every update when released in the hope it makes it work. Currently the software tells me I have the most up to date version. I gather Windows users have no problems with Topaz 2 and Affinity, it seems to be just a Mac issue. I’ve attached the screenshots.

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Well you will need to download the current version from Download

Then install that and see if your problem is fixed, before installing I would remove 2.2.0 from your system to make sure there is no clashes. Then check that the folder where 2.3.1 plugins are installed are pointed to in Plugin settings in AP.

Hi Don, thanks again for your reply, I appreciate that. I have uninstalled the previous version, manually installed the latest version. I’m still getting the same scenario, no looks, textures or brushes.

One thing that is quite frustrating though is that I get a persitant ‘loop’ when opening the plugin, it says do I want to install updates, starts the installer, closes the plugin, then says there are no new updates. This happens everytime I open, so if want to use the plugin (without Looks, textures, brushes) I have to cancel update check. This did happen sometime ago on a previous installation and had to uninstall and manual install a couple of times. All a bit buggy. Further depth search I have found another thread covering this same problem with no outcome determined, although I do have Photoshop installed, but no longer use, think it has expired: