Studio 2 Plugins

i understand that topaz AI programs can be opened in Studio 2, all of mine, apart from the first AI clear , are on the desktop, how do i get to open them from Studio 2 please

Can you be more specific please, if you have installed Sharpen AI, DeNoise AI and Adjust AI as well as Studio 2 they should be all available in the Plugins menu.

Please let me know which plugins you purchased are not avsilable.

I received your mail, but please reply to the question here.

This appears to be the same situation that I have in Studio2.
The dropdown ‘filters’ / ‘plug-ins’ shows AdjustAI, DeNoiseAI and SharpenAI but they’re all greyed out and can’t be selected. AI Clear in ‘essential’ and AI Remix in ‘stylistic’ are both available and functional.

I believe that Peter15 has the same problem based on his comment in the DeNoiseAI thread

Do you own and have the latest versions of these products installed?

They are NOT part of Studio but external plugins.

I do.
I’m now able to use DeNoiseAI v2 in Studio1 as I copied the Denoise directory from TopazLabs LLC to Topaz Labs…and the ‘about’ tab shows it to be v2

What this means is that you don’t have the products installed in the Topaz Labs directory and Studio 2 installed in the Topaz Labs LLC directory.

Alddo DO NOT copy program file directories, uninstall and reinstall.

I appreciate that copying the directories isn’t the right way…but…
I updated to DeNoise v2 which the installer put in the LLC directory making it inaccessible from Studio 1 and inaccessible from Studio 2 due to the problem being discussed here. I searched your site for the DeNoise AI v1 download to allow me usage again but couldn’t find it…hence directory copying was my only option other than booting from my back-up drive.

The LLC directory only contains Studio 2 and DeNoiseAI as you suspected but this is where the installers have put them, not a choice that I have made.

I’m going to have to sign off shortly as I’m in France and it’s 00.30h

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Check the forum,

Thank you Sir…I’ll try that tomorrow and report back before you wake up.

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Hi Don , I have denoise AI…sharpen AI… Mask AI… Adjust AI, these all came as stand alone when they first came out… AI clear did come as part of Studio 2, so at the moment i have to open in p/s and go to plug ins and use each one individually from there,… I have only just got them to P/S plugins… It would be good to open studio 2 and work on each one from there… Regards Carol

Have you installed the latest version of Studio because if you own the 4 plugins they will appear in the plugins menu in Studio.

AI Clear is not a plugin but is a adjustment in Studio.

hi Don, my studio 2 tells me when there is a new update and i have v 2.2.0 and tells me that is the latest version.
I have checked for the plugins in studio and didn’t realise they wouls be there, …expected to find them in the “add filter” section.
Having said that i have in there adjust AI and Sharpen AI… denoise Ai shows but is blank and maskAI is not there at all.

Mask AI wont be there yet, and DeNoise AI can be there if you read these directions … but remember that it will only be a temporary fix.

The link to correcting the install is 4 posts above.

why will Denoise only be a temporary fix??? and are there plans for Adjust AI to be there …

Don. I have just looked at the link you mention and do not understand a word of it !!! doesn’t mean anything to me, there must be a simpler explanation as to how to do this.

In Don’s absence…

Use File Explorer and navigate to the following directory;
\Program Files\Topaz Labs LLC\Topaz DeNoise AI\PS_Plugins and you’ll find a file named tltopazdenoiseaibetaps.8bf…delete it and then go to;
\Program Files\Topaz Labs LLC\Topaz DeNoise AI\PS_Plugins_x64 where you’ll find a file named
tltopazdenoiseaibetaps_x64.8bf…delete that one too.
Note…you may need to substitute Topaz Labs for Topaz Labs LLC in the above instructions if you chose to change the installation path manually at the time of install.

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OK Bob, i will look at that, but if i am deleting all these, do i have to install Denoise again… sorry, but you can tell that this isn’t my field of expertise… This sort of jargon loses me !!!

Bob i am not sure if this message was sent , so just in case , i will repeat what i said…
i will have a look at your instructions, but if i am deleting all these, do i have to install Denoise again…sorry, but you can tell that this isn’t my field of expertise… This sort of jargon loses me…!!!

You’ll only be deleting 2 files, not the directories…there will still be 1 file left in each directory.

I suspect that Denoise will still function without re-installation.