Stuck on Downloading Models while Running Installer

I just bought Photo AI, but can’t finish installer. I tried severl times, but the displayed download speed is always 0 MB/S. Although some of the models can be downloaded under 0 MB/S, the installers always ends up with network connection error. I am in China mainland. Is there any full installers I can get? Thanks.

Steps to reproduce issue:

  1. Download Topaz Photo AI installer on Windows.
    2.Run the installer.
    3.On the download models step, the download speed is very slow, the displayed speed is 0 MB/s.
    4.Serverl models can be downloaded, but it always ends up with network connection error.
    5.Tried with different network, such as mobile hotspot, but same thing.

Thanks for reaching out. We have had multiple Chinese users reach out to us as the firewall blocks the model files from downloading.

You will need a VPN to ensure that the model files download in the intaller.

If that doesn’t work, I can share steps to install all the model files. However it is a longer process.

Thanks for reply.
I tried a VPN but it doesn’t work. It’s not easy to find another.
Can you share other ways of installing the models?

  1. Delete all Photo AI installers from your Downloads folder.
  2. Download the latest Topaz Photo AI installer from the downloads page: Download
  3. Make sure the installer is in your Downloads folder and has the filename: TopazPhotoAI.msi
  4. Open Command Prompt from your Start menu. You can type in Command Prompt in Search and open it.
  5. Copy and paste “cd downloads” (without the quotes) into the Command Prompt and hit Enter.
  6. Copy and paste “msiexec /i TopazPhotoAI.msi /l*v logfile.txt” (without the quotes) into the Command Prompt and hit Enter.
  7. The installer should open up. Run it as usual.
  8. When the model files start to download, cancel the installation.

You should now have a log file. Open the log file and follow the instructions in this video to get all the model files at once.

In theory this means you only need to run the installer twice to get all the model files.

I do not have a better solution at the moment. Since VPN is required, I do not have a way to get around the slow download speeds.

Let me know if you have any questions about this.

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