Strong, not correctable colour cast with Photo AI 1.3.0

With Photo AI 1.3.0 on a Windows PC

First I convert the RAW file with Adobe Camera RAW, then in Photoshop I apply Photo AI to remove the noise and sharpen, getting image 1.

Then I open the RAW file in Photo AI, removing the noise and sharpening, then saving to DNG. I open the DNG in Adobe Camera RAW, applying the same RAW conversion settings as with image 1 (same colour temperature, same tint etc.), getting image 2.

Image 2 is very yellowish, compared to image 1, see here. Image 1 is on the left, image 2 is on the right.

There is no way with Adobe Camera RAW, when processing the DNG file generated by Photo AI, to correct these colour cast issues.
If I try reducing the coloour temperature, the trees start getting blueish, but the bird stays yellowish.

Please send the original RAW file so I can reproduce the issue. It looks like there is a color shift when processing in Topaz Photo AI that we can look into fixing.

You can securely submit your image(s) to my Dropbox using the link below. Please be sure to send me a note to let me know you sent something.
Dropbox File Request

I’ve uploaded another RAW file in which this problem is very visible.

In the DNG obtained from Topaz (denoise+sharpen applied; I’ve used version 1.2.10) the black feathers of the hornbill are totally greenish. There is no way to fix this with the colour temperature or tint sliders in Adobe Camera RAW, because in in large areas of the black feathers the red channel (and to a certain extent also the blue channel) are clipped at 0. To make an example, in the black feathers the green channel is around 30-40, while the read and blue channels are either at 0 or below 5-10.

By the way, I’ve reverted to version 1.2.10 because of the sharpness issues with version 1.3.0.

Thanks for sending the files over. I can see a few things happening.

  1. White balance shift in the output image, which is affecting the other edits made.
  2. The original image has raw edits which Topaz Photo AI does not read. This can make the processed version look very different when the same edits are applied due to the white balance shift.
  3. This image may be more challenging to recover details from since it’s underexposed. Topaz Photo AI works best with good lighting. We are planning on adding a basic exposure adjustment in the future to fix issues like this.

I documented this so my team can take a look and fix it. For now, the best workaround would be to use Photo > Edit in > Topaz Photo AI and make a TIFF copy which will retain the colors.

it’s a black bird against a white sky. The camera metered automatically, but I agree that setting it to EV+1 or more would have helped.

Still, Adobe ACR converts the RAW file without the colour shift. In my opinion, Topaz Photo AI should also be able to process the image without the colour shift.

For now, I have converted the RAW with ACR and then applied Photo AI as a filter. That’s ok (somehow), but a processing the RAW directly in Photo AI delivers a much sharper and cleaner image (but with the colour shift).

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