Strange patterns (pyjamas) when sharpen strong

Strange patterns (pyjamas) when sharpen strong or switch settings mode for Enhance Resolution on one of my PCs

Steps to reproduce issue:

  1. autopilot - everything looks fine
  2. If enhance resolution is switch on and I change to standard, high fidelity i get the strange patterns (not for graphics or low resolution)
  3. If not enhance resolution is switch on after auto pilot, i will get the strange patterns when start sharpen and switch to strong mode (besdies the strange patterns the photo becomes blurry when using strong)
  4. the combo looks real strange

Note that this is only on my professional PC whit a CAD graphic card (process the photos in seconds). My home laptop has not these problems, but takes like 5-20 minutes to process a photo

Topaz Photo AI v1.3.4 (have seen this behavior for several previous versions as well so it did not come with the latest version) on Windows and HP Zbook Fury 16 G9

Hi there! Please be sure to include your computer’s system profile and your logs from Topaz Photo AI so we can troubleshoot. You can gather your log files from the app by first recreating this behavior within the app, and then going to Help > Open Log Folder. Upload all of these log files to this thread and we can review them along with screenshots of these artfiacts. If you’re able to also upload the original image you’re working with that would be great.

How to Obtain Your System Profile (Windows)

How To Obtain Your System Profile (Mac)

2023-05-19-09-00-41.tzlog (776.6 KB)

I also find these problem related to the AI processer settings in preferences. If I choose “NVIDIA RTX A2000 8GB Laptop GPU” very fast processing I get the strange patterns, but if I use “CPU” (slower processing) it seems to work normal

Hi @johan_hp.johansson, could you upload your full system profile?
How To Obtain Your System Profile (Windows)

This will tell me if anything needs to be updated for your graphics card.

Also, does using Auto for AI Processor seem to work? It will determine whether to use the GPU or the CPU depending on the image and which filters need to be applied.

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