Strange pattern in the background after processing

Photo AI creates strange pattern in the sky, i equalized the image to make it more visible
Steps to reproduce issue:

  1. Opened image from LR, created a new layer and equalized image to check for senordust and editing halos.
  2. After confirming there were no senor dust i removed the EQ layer and opened the image in Topaz AI 1.5 and let the autopilot do it’s thing, in this case noise reduction, applied preserve text on the 224 and 24 numbers on the aircraft and then saved the image.
  3. After Topaz Ai is done processing i usually create a layer copy and EQ that layer to check for editing halos or artifact, in this case the sky had gotten a very strange pattern as seen in attached images.

Topaz Photo AI v1.5.0 on Windows

Thanks for reaching out. This is a known artifact that occurs in images with large sections that are the same color.

We are working on a solution for this.

For now, it seems that this happens mostly with Raw Remove Noise and Upscaling models. To avoid this, I would recommend converting the file to TIF for processing.

Let me know if you are still seeing the issue after doing this.