Stalled at 0.0fps for Preview, "..." for benchmarking

  1. Used AI Video 2.0 and was able to run all processes and create previews.
    Updated to 5 and now unable to run any processes, Preview or Benchmark.
    Updated and downgraded Studio drivers for NVIDIA 3060ti.
    Preview bar is stalled at 0.0fps and only getting “…” for benchmarking.

  2. DxDiag.txt (136.6 KB)

  3. (57.0 KB)

Screenshot 2024-04-29 101339

Have you selected the 3060ti to be used in settings not the UHD 770 ?

I have, with 1 max process and tried a few different MAX MEMORY settings.

I’d check your bios settings as at the end of your dxdiag file under Diagnostics there are many programs like resolve.exe, explorer.exe, dainapp.exe having errors.

The errors seem to be memory leak issues reported by Windows. I don’t usually run dain or edge at the same time as Topaz Video though.

There is a known bug that prevented benchmarking in v5.0.2 that is being released in the upcoming v5.0.3.


Understood, thanks, Kyle!