Square appears after rendering

Hi everyone,

  1. I sent raw file from LR to PhotoAI using File > External Module > Topaz
  2. I cropped the zone to edit
  3. I choose : Upscale x2 + Denoise + Sharpen Standard v2

And the result is good execpt for background : some squares appears :frowning:
See capture.

Hope it will helps.

I made a new try.
If I unswitch “Upscale” the problem disappear even in the preview window.

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Only the “High fidelity” Model is concerned.

I speak too quickly the result is not clean in standard mode… :frowning:
I use the last update version of Photo AI and model.

You can see squares in the background :

Can you help share the original image so that we can try to reproduce. We have a candidate solution want to test.



And what is you cpu and gpu and operation system?

I’m Using Macbook Pro Ventura and M1

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