Software updates when running Catalina

Hi, I thought I would upgrade my software. I started with Topaz AI. Well, the latest version of AI (1.4) isn’t compatible with Mac OS Catalina 10.15.7 so before I go to the trouble of downloading updates I can’t use and taking up space on my computer…where do I find out what version of each app is compatible with my computer?

Thanks in advance for any help.

Why do you say it isn’t compatible with Catalina, technical specs say Big Sur 11 and higher. Is there and actual problem you are experiencing?

When I click on the download package it says it won’t install unless I have Big Sur as my OS. I don’t believe that I can go further on my iMac than the OS Catalina that I have so that is what I mean.

So for the upgrade path, will the new versions of Sharpen, Denoise, Gigapixel, will they run on OS Catalina. I don’t want to download them and waste space unless I can use them (unless I downloaded them and saved them for a time that I might upgrade to another computer. That I suppose could happen at some point. I am eligible for these downloads through the end of the year. I hope I clarified.

Big Sur is after Catalina chronologically based on a Google search I did.

My apologies I see that v1.4.0 needs Mac OS 11.0 and above. The latest version you can run can be downloaded here:

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yes. that’s the version of AI I’m running.

What about Gigapixel? Sharpen? De Noise? I need to know which version of those I can run. Thanks.
Virginia S

Not at the moment because they haven’t been updated for a while. I believe the issue was a problem with HEIF/HEIC compression on Nikon z8/z9 RAW images where it needed v11 or above.

You are good to go for the Image Quality Bundle apps on Catalina :slight_smile:

Here is a link to the system requirements.