Slow motion pulses and stutters

Hey everyone

I’ve tried using both slow motion frame interpolation models, and every video I process comes out with this terrible pulsing effect where it’s like the playback speed is being rapidly ramped up and down. It’s jerky and extremely unnatural. I’ve tried both models, and have adjusted the duplicate frame sensitivity from nothing to near max and everything in between. All comes out like crap. It’s as if the AI sees a particular frame it wants to get to, and doesn’t make it there linearly, but rather rushes to it, slows down, then rushes to the next. (like a sine wave)

How do I get good results with this? I don’t feel like I’m asking anything incredibly difficult from it either.

Is the 8x slow motion a silly joke the devs put in the presets? I’m just trying to get 3x out of 24p, and it just looks awful.

to me it sound like a deinterlacing with the wrong filed order.
is your Video progressive Scan or interlaced (I assume Progressive Scan as you mentioned “24p”)?
What AIs you used for Slow Motion?
If you can upload a chunk of the video you trying to Slow mo. we can give it a shot.

I get this same issue in a lot of MP4’s i test. I have no idea whats causing it. Even footage straight from my mirrorless has this issue when I try to slow it down. However going in to another app and using the slow motion frame interpolation there causing no issues. This only happens with VEAI

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