Slow Download for the models

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    I noticed only last few days its taking too much time to download the models
    I contacted support , but it seems normal on my end , any one facing same issue?

my download speed for topaz video ai from 0.1mbps to 0.4 mbps using task manager

my internet speed 300mbps

Is this happening pre-downloading the models while using the model manager or during each export?

Actually, now it’s very fast to download not like few days before, defiantly was from servers

the download now is super fast i don’t know what’s the issue was.

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I have the same problem. Download 7.2.0 from your webiste, upgrading older version (upgrading inside program did not work), opeming an image, getting asked if I want to download new models.

I started ta 19:20 and now its 21:20 and only 2/3 of the download is finished. Download rate from your server 80-500kb/sec.

I can download from Steam right now with 18Mb/sec.

Since this topics can be found here since at least 2022. can you please provide a download package from your website of the models? Downloads from there are much faster, the problem is inly from inside the apps.