Shut down after encoding completes

it needs a shut down feature when finishing video and a faster way of rendering the video to save power

Agreed, Handbrake and other video processing apps have this function. Sleep or Shut Down when the queue is done.

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Agreed too.
We should have possibility to disable going sleep at time of processing - as first priority.
Action on queue processing finished is optional, but nice to have option.

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It would be great to have an option before starting to process a video that says:

When finished:

* Shut down
* Suspend
* Restart
* Close program

Many times I have left my PC on for several hours, and while I was away from home I had to tell a family member to check if VEAI had finished processing the video and then that family member would shut down my PC.
Another alternative is to schedule a shutdown in Windows with the task scheduler, but I never managed to get that simple scheduled task to work.
This is a bit annoying, there should be an option to choose to have the PC shut down (Or any of the other options) automatically after finishing processing a video.

PS: It also occurred to me that it would be nice to have a notification sound when the video finishes processing, so that the icon in the taskbar flashes orange like any other program in Windows. This would be very useful as I often let VEAI process a video in the background while I do other things with the computer and I don’t realise when it is finished or not.

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I’d like this too as leave renders overnight. StaxRip has this feature and works well.

It’s not something super complicated to program, it requires a simple line of code, in C++ it would be something like this for a shutdown:

system("C:\\Windows\\System32\\shutdown /s /t 0");

If the development team reads this, they should consider taking 5 minutes to make such a feature in the program. I’m not a professional programmer, I am a student and I know the basics, but I know that doing something like this, that a program shuts down after doing a certain action.

It is something super simple that would considerably improve the “user’s quality of life”. Which is very important and I see that many software developers don’t take into account the user’s quality of life. Which is a big mistake, because if your software is tedious, or has features that people would like to have, they will stop using it.

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Hi, I’m sure it’s been suggested at some point but can we please get auto system shut off options for after jobs complete? This would make the program much nicer for a “set and forget” type usage when overnight upscaling. Myself and I’m sure a good portion of others would appreciate a feature like this. Thanks!

Sometimes, an upscale takes a lot of time and people let theyr machines run over the weekend.

A selection “what to do when finished” would be nice with selections like:

“do nothing”
“delete finished jobs”
“shut down PC”


would be nice

I agree! This simple function would reduce the load on the equipment in idle time and the cost of electricity. It should be easy to implement, why it’s not a big question.


I would guess an easy thing to code, this definitely needs adding esp the cost of electric these days.

Yes! Please add this feature. It would make things much simpler than having to guesstimate and adjust task scheduler everytime…

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Option to automatically shutdown the system after the task is completed.

see here:

Combined with

Set a schedule to automatically turn off the PC when all tasks are finished. Is this impossible?

Upscale = 2560*1440

Upscale = 1920*1440



for Video AI

You can upscale to any resolution of your choosing as long as the encoder supports the size.

Also, auto shutdown has already been added and voted on so I am merging your idea.

Topaz Video Enhance with AI

Need a ready-made template
and then adding it manually every time is inconvenient

Upscale = 2560*1440

Upscale = 1920*1440



I don’t know how it’s still not a feature. With respect, Topaz seems like Adobe. Adding the fringe cases without addressing the basic needs. Eg: sleep after rendering, scene detection to avoid disgusting blurry frames between two different scenes/camera angles, etc