Should I be seeing this pattern?

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I don’t know if I should be seeing this or not? I opened my image and in most of them I can see a faint pattern, seems like it’s the Bayer pattern. However while it’s repeated throughout the image, they seem to be circles with a large version in the enter of the image. This is not seen on the output preview and I’ve yet to export a file and I don’t expect that it would be different from the preview. I can tell you that this was taken out of an airplane window, don’t remember what model but it was probably a Boeing, flown by Soutwest Airlines.

Please note the raw file is only to be used for technical inspection and troubleshooting

Also note that you must view the example file “Topaz display.png” without resampling and probably near or above resolution of 1920 x 1080. Averaging of the pixels via resampling will hide the pattern.

Steps to reproduce issue:

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  3. Step 3 Profit

Topaz Photo AI [v1.4.1] on [Windows 10 22h2 19045

DSC_2945.NEF (27.5 MB)
2023-07-19-07-49-9.tzlog (2.0 MB)

Thanks for reaching out and great question. We open a Raw file and display the sensor data directly.

The pattern you see is noise in the original sensor data. Other applications may perform a minor denoising or get rid of this when opening your file.

We stay true to the original sensor data so it looks more significant in our preview.

Hi Lingyu,

Thank for replying. I’m not really talking about the noise, I know it’s a very noise image. The images I gave are it’s kind of hard to see. I’m going to resort to a low tech way that shows it better - a picture of the screen heh.

It will still be hard to see but is more pronounce than the screen capture and seems less likely to be destroyed by compression and image display features like resampling.

If you look at the left raw display, in the center, look carefully and you’ll see a circle with four sections: Green, Blue, on top and Red, Green on bottom. The colors are faint and I can only see this in very dark images. In this example There is the cloud before you get to all the darkness, if looking bottom up. Towards the center of this last cloud there is a dash of a smaller cloud Looking left scanning to the right, there is another dash of a cloud with another section of a cloud to it’s right with a spot in the middle, much like that of an alligator. Between those two dashes is the bottom left portion of the circle, red, if you spot that then you’ll find the other sections, and then notice all the red splotches around the image making the other circles. This seems to be the Bayer patter but it’s not uniformed and thus not the way I’d expect it to be applied to an image sensor - and it’s in a circle. Moving on, the pattern as circles are repeated radiating in smaller circles from that larger circle that is dead center of the iamge.

I also opened the same image in the latest versions of Denoise and sharpen. I made sure they were set to split view and set the magnification to 50% as it seems it shows up at that level on this 1920x1080 display and may not show up in other levels and neither showed this phenomenon I also tried Gigapixel , but it seems its magnification system is different, I had to set it’s size to 12% to get roughly the same selection size but it too didn’t show this.

The program seems to be working okay, so it’s mostly academic in wondering if this were to be coming from Toapz’s interpretation of the data of the raw file that represents an image, that it could be having a negative impact on quality.

I think I see what you are describing. This seems like it could be caused by the lens you are using.

We don’t create that pattern in the image as we are mostly reading the sensor data. The lens could have refracted the light to cause this pattern. Does this happen on all your images or only some?

You can also send me the image so I can view what is happening. You can securely submit your image(s) to my Dropbox using the link below. Please be sure to send me a note to let me know you sent something.
Dropbox File Request

Hello, I’ll drop some stuff in your dropbox. I took the time to look for more images with different lenses.

I see a checkerboard pattern in two of the images. I shared this with my team to see if they understand the issue and if there is a fix for it.

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