Sharpening and denoising in Photo AI vs. Denoise AI

I used Denoise AI on my old PC, mainly for sharpening macro images, as I found the option “clear” with settings “low - low” got me the best sharpening results, while simultaniously denoising the background without over-sharpening like Sharpen AI often did.

As I got a new PC I decided to get the Photo AI license and I have to say I am quite underwhelmed with the results compared to Denoise AI. Is there no way to get rid of colour noise in photo AI? The sharpening just looks way more artificial than it did in Denoise AI. How come there are less options in the new program than in the discontinued programs?
Is there still a way to download Denoise AI?

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I agree that DNAI often delivers better results still. Note how the black fabric texture is broken up and the baby’s face has more artefacts in the TPAI version of this image of mine.

In my view, DxO PureRaw remains the best de-noising software out there.
To download DNAI go to your account on the Topaz products page and you can download it from there if you own it.

The last version of Denoise AI was 3.7.2.

You should still have user rights to download from here.