Sharpen AI v4.1.0

Released March 24th, 2022

Windows: Online | Full
Mac: Full


  • New improved “Select” models
  • “Select” options (except custom) are now preserved when using Actions, Smart Objects, or Last Filter in Photoshop
  • The standard model and each blur type will each keep track of their manually set parameters independently
  • The manual model selector will once again show models that require a file to be downloaded in italics
  • A dialog will appear on startup and upon changing AI Processor to download all model files needed to run all your models, if applicable. This dialog can also be opened via the Help menu
  • External Editor instances will now merge with each other
  • JPEG quality slider now goes from 1-100 and is 1:1 with the actual quality level (previously the 1-10 slider would be mapped onto 25-95)
  • When downloading models Just In Time, the progress bar will hide when opening up a dialog, and re-open when the dialog closes
  • Using right click in mask mode will perform the opposite action to the selected one (add vs subtract)


  • Fixed errors coming from certain folders not existing
  • Fixed processing errors causing a loop if auto update preview is on in comparison view
  • Fixed manual update preview button being disabled in mask mode
  • Fixed issue causing plugin mode to sometimes ask about installing plugin files on startup
  • Fixed scrolling to change masking parameters not working
  • Fixed issues with comparison view frames potentially not having a model selected
  • Fixed external editor not displaying a warning when opening invalid file types, such as PSD files

Love the quality of auto masks with this release, but… it seems to have taken a big hit on performance (of making the mask). With v4.0 it was very quick (yet lacking the quality of the selection as in v4.1).

On Macbook M1 Pro, now the Auto Subject (People/Portrait, I’ve tried so far) seems very slow (feels like a minute of waiting).

Edit: It did work faster in subsequent tests. Was there some model to be downloaded behind the scenes for masks too, which may explain the first slow run?

One suggestion as well. Can we have like in Lightroom masks - Click, Shift, Click - with a line in between, thus allowing bigger and quicker manual masks adjustments, when and where needed.

The Auto Select models don’t need to be downloaded, but they can take awhile to load the first time. On certain devices they’ll then be able to load substantially faster from a cache.

And here I thought M1 series (Pro, Max etc) were one of the more performant :slight_smile:

One off slow down is fine… it does work well, and overall all operations in v4.1 seem faster now than v4.0. Good job!

When using auto mask Sharpen AI crashes some times. Anyone else having this problem? WIN10 21H2 Nvidia 1070.

I don’t think this is actually specific to this package, but for the second time an update has thrown up an error message that I was hoping to attach. Seems to be working fine, in spite of my clicking ignore.

Text of the error was “Error copying file from packed archive to D:/ProgramFiles/Topaz Labs LLC/Topaz Sharpen AI/PS_Plugins_x64/titopazsharpenaips_x64.8bf”

I had similar error when running the in-app update to 4.1 on the Mac. I had to come here and grab the full installation, and rerun it, which worked fine.

I may also have done that previously. So far the app is working fine, but if I get any issues I’ll go down the download from site path.

When I first installed this update, it wouldn’t save the file that it had processed. i was in total panic, as it revealed to me how dependent I’ve become on the excellent results I get with it on various files from my challenging EOS 5DS R camera (noise and fine blur). Turned out my anti-virus reinstall from the night before had defaulted to ransomeware-protection of my Pictures directory. Whew! I was in fits.

Great software, Topaz! Sometimes the results are so fantastic I worry that my interaction with the software is a hormone-addiction cycle!

If you’d like to share the processing log file I can look at it.

Well it appears to be working fine now. Let me tell you how I got there. First of all, it started to crash ever time I used the auto-masking function and the status bar that normally on the lower right moved to the lower left. I tried uninstalling and re-installing the program, didn’t help. Tried re-booting the PC, didn’t help. I uninstalled the program and installed the previous version and it worked fine. Then I installed the newer version and again it works fine. For future reference, where is the processing log file located and is there anything special that I have to do to get the program to produce one?


Help->File logging->open log folder
If you did not do anything about it, the app should have always been logging down the error messages once they appear.

I am still interested to see the log files related to your early crashes (of course if you dont mind). Since this crash can also happen on other users, and we can probably avoid the complex operations you did for them. Let me know if you want to help. Thanks!

*each app session will create a separate file. So you can look at the file creating time to figure out which files are related.

Unfortunately the log files don’t back far enough

Very frustrating. The download all models files function is absolutely not working properly. After the download, it asks to download each model again. Here’s what’s happening - after installing v4.1 and subsequently downloading all the models at once when I first opened the app, I tried to use a model it started to download it all over again. Then I exited the application and upon re-launching, it again asked to download all the models again. WTF? Then I remembered having changed the “Save Options” in Preferences. BUT I did NOT change the Processing Preferences, so I don’t know why the app had to re-download ALL the models AGAIN. This new option appears buggy. So I downloaded all the models yet again without going into preferences. I tried to sharpen an image and again it started to download a model. PLEASE HELP!

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I find the processing spd has slowed noticeably again (rel. 4.1). Even though I’m running SAI with CPU/High (not GPU) on my Win 10 PC, the processing spd had improved in recent releases. It now drags much more slowly again…

Cannot call Sharpen AI from Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Classic version 11.2 as a plugin. I was hoping the new version would correct this issue I had with 4.0.2, but it hasn’t. I’ve checked everything I can, but I’m stumped. I made sure the plugin was calling the correct Sharpen version in my Applications folder. I reloaded the Photoshop plugins as well. Lightroom creates the TIF file, but never invokes Sharpen. I’m running on a mid-2015 Macbook Pro with MacOS Big Sur version 11.6
Thank you,


I have not been able to use it since the last upgrade to 4.1, it just freezes.

I have tried using via Lighroom, Photoshop, stand alone and have uninstalled and reinstalled. No difference, just freezes. I am using Win 10 Pro. Processor is Intel(R) Core™ i7 CPU 870 @ 2.93GHz 2.93 GHz