Sharpen AI v3.3

Please go to Help, Graphics info press Copy and paste the info here.

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Thank you very much of replying me. Here is the details:

Application & Version: Topaz Sharpen AI Version 3.3.3

Operating System: Windows 10 Version 2009 (I’m actually running windows 11)

Graphics Hardware: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060/PCIe/SSE2

OpenGL Driver: 3.3.0 NVIDIA 471.68

CPU RAM: 16246 MB

Video RAM: 6144 MB

Preview Limit: 7701 Pixels

There was an issue in a couple versions preventing the upgrade dialog from popping up. If you update to 3.3.5 you may find a lot of the issues you were having have since been resolved. If you’d still like to downgrade to an earlier version, there are links to specific versions on ever post in this forum category.

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I am guessing that I need to uninstall the software and install back again to have the new version?

You don’t need to uninstall first - just download the latest installer and install it.

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Thank you, I did install it again and it indeed is producing much better quality now, something I can work with to process my final image.

What I recommend Topaz to do, is to use the original image and then add a slider or checkbox to adjust how much would you get the original colors to the sharpened image.
That’s because the AI seem to produce quite much all kind of fringe effects and they are easy to fix by just adding the original photo layer in color blend on top of the sharpened image, which will fix the colors.

That’s one of the steps I usually do in my workflow anyways, so if the sharpen ai would do that automatically, it would be a time saver.

The next step I usually do is to use inverted high pass layer and then curves on it to select the “back pixels” or “white pixels”, if it seems that the AI did those too much. I would use that layer in screen or multiply blend mode to hide those “bad pixels” and that will improve the photo quality in some situations very much.

If I would wanna go very extreme, I could also run the sharpen ai 2 times and then mix those 2 versions to have an average of the 2, which will reduce artifacts also.


I would be in favor of adding the sharpened as luminance to the original (blended).
I use this successfully in Photoshop, but it does not fit all models.
If color noise is removed, this would leave the color noise.

Yeah, the original image has to have all the raw editing steps done properly first so that there is no color noise or original chromatic aberration or anything like that.

When are you going to fix the long standing “Opern With” issue that causes data loss? It was already fixed in Denoise but it’s still a major issue in Sharpen.

Sharpen and DeNoise currently use the same logic for when to open in standalone vs external mode. It’s possible you are on a version of the app that unfortunately has a bug preventing it from displaying app updates to the user. I’d recommend checking if you are on 3.3.5, and updating if you are not.

I’m using Sharpen 3.3.5 and Denoise 3.4.2. Using “Open with” in Finder (macOS 12.1) Denoise shows a “Save Image” button whereas Sharpen identifies itself as “3.3.5 External” showing Apply and Cancel buttons.

My apologies, I’d gotten confused. Sharpen currently does not behave the way DN does due to issues the fix caused with handling certain external editors (LR, Apple Photos, etc.). Once those are resolved the issue will be properly fixed in both apps.

I have a problem where the model parameters settings submenu disappears. I can get it back by clicking the model parameters to auto. When i select the next photo i have to do it again. It probably is one cause to another problem that i have, that for a large collection of photos i can no longer set the same settings for all photos at the same time.

When can we expect an M1 native version of SAI? It works reasonably fast via Rosetta2, but it would be nice to get the extra speed that came when DNAI moved to native some three weeks ago!

We don’t really announce releases before they happen, but it’s certainly in development and will come sooner rather than later.

When I’m using the plugin, the update automatically starts, which is fine, but just before it finishes, it starts over (without any kind of interaction from my part). Time is lost.

Is this the intended behavior?

Also, when the update is going and parameters are changed, the update seems to (almost) run its full course before updating again.


I have had the same experience over several product generations.

Conversely, sometimes after I make settings changes my views don’t auto update (& my preferences are set to auto-update - Win 10, Ps 2022).

I have Topaz Sharpen AI v3.3.5 installed on my Windows 11 PC and the program will no longer open, neither when I try to open directly nor when I select as an external editor in Lightroom. I have installed and re-installed the program several time and it still doesn’t work. It also no longer works as a plugin in Photoshop. I do have Denoise AI installed and it works just fine in all applications. Topaz Support told me upgrade my video drivers, which I did but that didn’t help and am not hearing back from Support. Any suggestions on how to fix this?

You might try uninstalling Topaz Sharpen AI v3.3.5. Reboot. Then reinstall using the full install package that Topaz has on the download page.

Thanks for responding. I have actually done an uninstall, reboot and then reinstall a couple of times now but without success.