Sharpen AI has no effect

I just installed Sharpen AI v.2.0.5 on a Mac, running Mojave. In the stand-alone version. When I try to adjust an image, there is not change. I removed it once, downloaded another installer but the second try was no different. Please help. Thanks. Jim

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Make sure you are on v2.0.5

Press Reset in Advanced Preferences, make some changes to the sliders and then Update preview. It should then re-calibrate the processing.

I have installed 2.05. I reset the preferences, as you suggested. However, Sharpen AI crashed just before it finished rendering. Rebooting the computer fixed it. Seems to be working. Thanks.

I had the same issue and I just got it resolved (by trial-and-error). I posted this update in a separate thread I had started a couple of days ago -


I finally got it to work.

Use the uninstall script from the Sharpen AI directory and uninstall the program.
Download the online installer and re-install the program.

Note: The first time I deleted the program files and re-installed. That did not work. You have to use the uninstall script.

Clearly, it was an installer issue (at least in my case).

I’m running a trial version of Sharpen AI v2.0.5, standalone. It has zero effect on any image I try to alter using Sharpen, Stabilize, or Focus either Manual or Auto. Preview no different from finished image which is in turn no different from original image. The installation process is so simple and clear it cannot - surely - be an installation error. “Trial” is not an answer because I’m obviously not buying with no evidence it might ever have any effect on any image.

That sounds like a product error not a user error.

Can you please supply the following information:

  • What type of image are you opening, type that is, either RAW, TIF, JPG, PNG etc.? If RAW what type and Camera?
  • What are your settings you are using, post a screen clip.
  • When you save what are the save parameters you are usig, screenshot will do.
  • Then go to Help-> Graphics info and press copy and paste the info here.

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