Sharpen AI v2.0.5 - Crashing continually Mac

These forums are organized in a confusing way, sorry. I guess I should state my problem here.
Am now using Sharpen AI 2.05 with High Sierra (10.13.6) on a late 2012 27" iMac with an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680MX graphics card. Sharpen is still crashing on me (had problem with an earlier version too). To help with my problem, I’ve stopped using it as a plug-in with Photoshop CC2020, I’ve stopped using it with RAW files.
So, I’m using JPGs. If I try and mask the program acts positively wonky. If I use auto or manual, Sharpen just up and quits as it is about to finish. In an older version it would at least save a copy of my file, now it sometimes overrides and saves the changes into the file I’m using as it quits (it used to save a copy) or MOST OFTEN just up and quits. I also find that in auto mode it over sharps to the point of leaving artifacts or a lot of noise in the photo. Please advise!

If you don’t know where to post your issue please raise a thread. You post certainly doesn’t fit with a thread stating that Sharpen applies no effect.

Couple of things that i can help you with …

  • Running in plugin mode, from PS or LR or other host, it will update the image passed.
  • Opening as a standalone you can save as a new file.

If it is continually crashing please open a support request at the main website.

I had exactly the same issue on my Mac using High Sierra. Oddly, it was working fine and then both Sharpen and Denoise would quit during the final stages of saving - or overwrite the source file rather than creating a new one. However, I worked out a fix - at least it worked for. As default, both programmes had ‘Enable discrete GPU’ disabled. I realised that my MacBook has two graphics cards (which is quite common). I enabled the discrete GPU option and no more crashes! Hope that helps.