Sharpen AI Crashes upon opening, can't open app at all

So, Sharpen AI is not opening. When I press on the application, it pops up for a split second before crashing and saying it can’t be opened. I just bought it today for my M2 MacBook Pro and was using it with no problems, then I move onto the next set of photos and suddenly it won’t even open. It crashes whether I try to edit 1 photo or a batch. I’m on Ventura 13.2.1. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling, no luck.

Please raise a support request at the main website. Have you updated the OS?

Yes, just did and no change

What I mean by my question is that it may be the problem. Try deleting the plist file to see if that solves it.

These are the instructions …

Hi Aidon

Who does everyone at Topaz appear to just say “Raise a support request” to reported problems? Mine is doing exactly the same thing, only on a 27 inch MAC. I have seen this time and time again on your community site but I see no articles about curing this problem or stating it’s in hand or there’s a fix coming. Please do some hand holding. It works, trust me.

No, this is not just a moan for moan’s sake. It’s a genuine question because I have seen no information on a cure, you are working on it or anything else. It is a reoccurrance across a long period of time for all sorts of reported problems.

Oh, and I own all your products, they are brilliant. They are in use every single day so I have a vested interest in this working. Loosing Sharpen AI is like loosing an arm, it is that bad a problem for us out here.

Thank you for listening.


PS Just spotted your Plist info. Thank you, I’ll try it.

Note I am just a user as you are, I also asked you to try by deleting the plist file 3 days ago.

Also, why not search the site first as I just found this solution here which may be your problem although there are many factors now including the differences between intel based processors and M1, M2 silicon. The solution here includes deleting plist files:

Hey! So I have to delete the philst files and reinstall at least twice a day when I use Sharpen and also use a MacBook Pro with M1.

Is there a permanent fix for this going foward? I cannot tell you how frustrating it is to constantly be doing this. I love the product when it loads, but holy cow there has to be a solution here?