Topaz Sharpen AI V4.1 Quits Unexpectedly

I have a MacBook Pro running V`13.1, it has 32Gb memory, Lrc V12.2 and Sharpen AI 4.1. The problem began when I sent 6 Raw images to Sharpen. I had installed the 12.2 update to Lrc but not sure if I used Sharpen immediately after the update.

Did you find a fix because I have the exact same issue as of today.

Yes, I did get a solution from Topaz Labs. I have cut and paste their solution which worked for me. Let me know if you have a problem with what I have sent you.
Thanks for reaching out. If your Sharpen AI is crashing every time you try to launch it, please follow these steps below:

  1. Delete any/all versions of Sharpen AI from Applications and the Topaz Labs LLC folder.
  2. Delete the plist files for Sharpen AI using instructions here and reboot your computer afterwards.
  3. Download the full installer from the Topaz Labs downloads page and use the drag and drop installation process. Make sure Lightroom and Photoshop are closed during this step.

Works perfect for me too. Thanks!!

I’m not using a Mac. Windows 10, with win10 relevant updates installed. But my install of Sharpen has suddenly become 100% totally unusable after infrequent - but trouble-free use for quite some time now. Crashes out the moment any file is in it. Either as a plug in via Photoshop (version CS5) or as a standalone application with a file loaded by browsing in the usual way to its containing folder.
The result is that the file enters the Sharpen screen but the progress bar along the lower LH edge fails to show any progress, then the dreaded “not responding” shows. If the file was transferred from CS5 with Sharpen as a plugin then CS5 also crashes out.
I’ve downloaded the Sharpen installer from the Topaz site and reinstalled the software. Which is a hit/miss affair - such often show “download failed” in the results entry in the downloads folder.
Result - no difference whatsoever.

Check the conversation tread, it contains the Mac solution to the problem. Modify it for finding the .pst files.