Sharpen AI and DeNoise AI badly need Batch capability

This has been a frequent request for a very good reason. I hope that it gets some priority. If you agree please add your voice to this request.


Sounds like something a fair # of customers would find useful, even if I’m not one personally (given the photo projects I do),

B/c these aren’t beta products, why don’t you re-post this idea elsewhere on this forum? Under the Tooaz Products > Product Features header & encourage others to vote for the idea there. I think that section has voting boxes at upper left of the topline in each topic…

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I agree Dan, I actually find, in the majority of cases, even if an image doesn’t truly need noise reduction, running it through DeNoise AI can surprisingly improve the image anyway. In other words, "It ain’t gonna hurt other than raise the mb size of the final image. This is cool because most of my images don’t need the noise reduction but a good portion of them do. When I have several hundred to process, I really wouldn’t have to sort out those that need the noise reduction from those that do. I have the same problem with separating my whites from my coloreds when washing clothes. With batch processing available, I could run the entire folder through DeNoise AI, in most likely considerably less time than it would take me to sort out just the ones that need the noise reduction. It takes time to examine each image to see if there is noise or not. There will be cases when something will go wrong with a particular image, but that seems to be the exception, and not the rule. It would give me time to do something else while my machine is taking care of business.

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This is already in the suggestion section:

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I only noticed it after I had posted.
However I’m asking for Batch processing for both programs. In fact every AI program, w the exception of Mask AI should have Batch processing as a given

It is so frustrating to have each program, leave out all of the helpful suggestions that have already been accepted and implemented for one program, have to be suggested and requested all over again.
It’s as if there is no one overseeing all of the products and making sure there are no user feedback based improvements already accepted and implemented in one program that are mostly common interface and practical matters, left out of any other new programs.

I really need the batch save option adding to sharpen and denoise as i have to process a large number of portrait images that were taken in similar conditions, doing it one at time is very tedious and inefficient. given the fact that jpeg to raw can do this, it would make sense to have a consistent functionality across all programs.

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The most up to date DNoise already has Batch capabilities, but I have not heard any plans to do this for Sharpen.
Please read my posting in Feature Requests and add your comments to let Topaz know that Batch processing should be a given for every Topaz program where it is useful.