Denoise AI - Batch Process Please

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As a former Denoise 6 and AI Clear customer with an older account I just got the e-mail for the free upgrade.

So OK now I get Denoise AI but it’s almost useless without any batch processing. I can’t imagine saving hundreds of images one by one.
Why can’t we load several images like the other Gigapixel, JPeg to Raw AI applications ?
In Topaz Studio the batch processing only works with adjustments and not plug-ins.

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I work with TIFF files and use Photoshop. The process I use with Studio and Adjust is to have a PS Action which invokes them and applies them to layers. I use the PS batch feature to run the action on all the files in a directory.

I have not (yet) tested this with DeNoise, since I just downloaded it today, but I would guess that this will work with DeNoise, too.

When you have a stack of images, this is a big time saver. Well…at least you don’t have to be there while you let your computer run over night :wink:

Might be worth a try while you wait for an upgrade…

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I agree that Denoise AI needs batch processing capablility. Adding this feature should be highest priority.


I also batch process from Photoshop to Studio using actions. I tried batching from Photoshop to Denoise AI and although the action plays, it doesn’t use the recorded value for Restore Detail.

I recorded an action in Photoshop using settings of 0.2, 0.2 and 0.5 for Remove Noise, Enhance Sharpness and Restore Detail respectively.

When I played the action back, the settings used were 0.2, 0.2 and 0.1. It seems that the Restore Detail reverts to its default setting although the other settings are maintained.

So unless you always want the default setting for Restore Detail, batch processing to Denoise AI using Photoshop actions doesn’t currently work. As Denoise AI doesn’t remember the last used settings (which Studio does), there doesn’t seem to be a workaround for this.

Note also that if I double click on the Denoise AI step in the action to change the recorded values, Denoise AI reverts all sliders to their defaults (0.15, 0.15 and 0.1) rather than showing the previously recorded settings. The same is true if I try to use Denoise AI as a Smart Object filter. If I double click on the filter, Denoise AI opens with the default settings rather than those used when the filter was saved.

Hopefully we can get a fix soon, at least for the Restore Detail setting to be saved in Photoshop actions.

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I agree! This should be a high priority!!

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I totally agree that Denoise AI and Sharpen AI should have the same batch processing functionality as Gigapixel, which now can even handle image sequences. The interfaces appear to share a lot of the same GUI features, just with limited functionality. Perhaps there is a reason they chose to remove these features from the newer applications.

This is really a deal breaker for me because I almost never process a single image at a time, and cannot process hundreds of images one at a time. It makes the new apps useless to me.

Topaz has an amazing opportunity to extend their business model to include to those who work in Visual Effects and post production. However, they seem entirely focused on the amateur stills photography market. If they supported Linux, or command line options, they could really become a staple tool for visual effects. There is nothing like it for us as far as I know. Most studios would be willing to pay a premium for such features. Hundreds of dollars per license is not out of the question.

Justin Johnson
Luma Pictures

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I think that the request for Batch Procesing for Denoise AI is extremely important and urgent. It could save many many hours, possibly weeks of individual processing sessions.
Nor is there any downside to users. Anyone who does not want to batch process simply will not. It’s just a matter of common sense.



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“I think that the request for Batch Procesing for Denoise AI is extremely important and urgent. It could save many many hours, possibly weeks of individual processing sessions.”

Exacty same things, and for all AI products.
The good idea is the same method of Xmedia Recode from video.

  1. Setting with picture the cursors
  2. Add to task
  3. Return to “1)” for next picture
  4. Etc…
  5. When finished settings alls picture, run “execute” and your computer working in alls picture