Shadow of the detected subject of the original in the saved picture

When I crop a photo in Topaz Photo AI at the end after saving the Photo in DNG or TIFF format there is a show of the original photo visible.

2023-03-31-11-06-57.tzlog (10.2 KB)

Steps to reproduce issue:

  1. Step 1
    import a Tiff file in Topaz Photo IA

  2. Step 2

Crop the photo and enhance the picture 2x
3. Step 3
Save the picture as Tiff or DNG for further processing and you will see the shadow of the original subject detection on the result.

Topaz Photo AI [v1.2.9] on [Mac]

This looks like an issue with the mask applied to the original RAW image. The mask is copied to the output file, but the crop is affecting the mask so it no longer matches correctly.

To fix this, you can:

  • remove the mask from the output file and then add a new mask
  • remove the mask from the input RAW file and add a mask to the output