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Subject selection in PhotoAI - Sharpen…If a selection was refined using a regular brush followed by the “apply” button being selected, then the next time the “edit subject” button is pressed the selected/masked area does not show in red. (but appears when “brushed over” with a regular brush). This does not happen if the previous time the selection was applied the last brush used was an AI brush. (MacOS)

When I tested this out on my end, the mask appeared right when I clicked edit subject. I’m also using a Mac. Try rerunning the installer incase there was a buggy installation:*1y6cmzq*_ga*NzY0ODk0MTAzLjE2ODA3MDM0MDU.*_ga_M0K7E5583S*MTY5NjQ0NjUxMy4zMzMuMS4xNjk2NDQ2NTE0LjU5LjAuMA

Thanks Tim,
reinstalled and restarted my MBP and it still happens.
If when closing the editor the last brush used was a “regular brush” then the next time that the “edit subject” button is clicked the red mask/selection is missing … it reappears if the brush is moved over the (invisible) masked/selected area it reappears (even without any mouse clicks)

I have attached a short video to demonstrate.



My Movie 1 (12.8 MB)

Updated to 2.0.4… this issue is still here and definitely not due to a buggy installation.

Thanks for following up on this. I was able to reproduce the issue and made a task for my team to look into this.

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looks like TPAI 2.0.6 update fixed this… thanks guys!

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