"Secret function" download all models .)

You use Video AI mainly offline and miss the function “download all models”?
Tip: Benchmark is the magic word!
The benchmark downloads the necessary models automatically. If you want “all” models for all resolutions - just run the Benchmark with the corresponding resolution.


or download all the models (over 100GB) - found it on reddit

Topaz Video AI 3.1.8+ Windows OpenVINO & ONNX GPU Models (95.6 GB, 2,014 files)

Topaz Video AI 3.1.9 New Apollo models addon (8,43 GB, 27 files))

Topaz Video AI 3.1.10 → 3.2.0 has no new models.

This makes little sense. The models are individually tied to the graphics card. So, if you don’t change your graphics card every day, you will probably only need a few GB of models.

Over in the beta test section for TVAI (You need to be a Beta tester to access it), there is a script to automatically download models for all the resolutions and hardware configurations you desire.

It’s just a temporary solution to easily download the models you need, but the plan is to hopefully get a model downloader into the GUI app some time in the near future. Although we don’t know how far away the “near future” is.

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can you share the script please?

I’m not sure if I’m allowed to share the script. If the developers were okay putting it out in the public, then they wouldn’t of put it in the closed beta section.

Anyway, I can describe how it works and maybe someone could recreate it.

  • The script runs the TVAI ffmpeg with a filter (E.G. Proteus). The input video is one generated by ffmpeg, and the output is to null (Don’t save the file).
    • What this does is it triggers the TVAI ffmpeg to use the filter on a really short video. And if the filter doesn’t exist, then it downloads it.
  • This process is repeated for different resolutions (of your choosing) and different filters (of your choosing) until all the models have been downloaded.

Here is an example of the TVAI ffmpeg command.
ffmpeg -f lavfi -i color=c=red@0.8:duration=0.01:rate=100:size={HEIGHTxWIDTH} -vf {TVAI_FITER} -f null -

The resolutions used are:
"480x360", "640x480", "720x480", "768x576", "1280x720", "1920x1080", "3840x2160"
And when an upscaling filter is used, scales 1, 2, and 4 are used.

This is very similar to running the performance benchmark in each resolution, as most models will be downloaded. However, this approach is quicker and more automated.