SDR to HDR conversion

Ditto, thanks @mark.peloquin or Tom or whatever your name is!

PS, I like your choice of options in the screenshot. Maybe they’re default, but I’d choose them too.

Here is another option. Can’t post links to github apparently, so just add the domain to the front of this: /MCG-NKU/FMNet

Pretty sure it wouldn’t be that hard to add this in as a model/mode for both Video and Photo.

Divinchi resolve studio Has same.:)non subscription.

Well isn’t that the selling point of this software and the speciality of Topaz Labs to create AI solutions?

Here is another optiopn. DVDFab HDR AI. It cliams to be able to upgrade videos from SDR to HDR10 or Dolby Vision.

I wouldn’t touch that with a barge pole.

Nvidia has added hdr up conversion for sdr content to their video drivers.

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Did you post on this other forum as well?

This honestly looks more like an advertisement more than anything else.

With NVIDIA showing that AI can do a really good job converting SDR to HDR, I hope that Topaz considers prioritizing this! NVIDIA’s RTX HDR does a pretty impressive job considering it has to run in realtime, but I am very keen on what could be accomplished given more processing time.

I purchased the DVDFab HDR Up converter last week as a new speedier model was added. It seems to do 2 pass conversion, only outputs to MP4. I asked them to output to uncompressed AVI, still waiting to hear back. Have put a couple of things through, have viewed

YESSSS!!! HDR is getting attention!!!
I’ve been wanting this feature for ages!

What I’ve had to do is

  1. Record with 10-bit color
  2. Import into media encoder and encode with hdr
  3. Import into Topaz and export with h.265 main10 so it does not remove the hdr.

Hello, not really. I didn’t post there at all. I don’t even have an user. The hdr-x converter got a lot of customers, i don’t understand you believe is just me using it?

They have released a (much) better real-time SDR to HDR streaming solution than NVIDIA now and they allow to convert using Intel, AMD and of course NVIDIA and by CPU.

They also announced Deep Learning Frame Interpolation also for Intel, AMD and NVIDIA.
Nothing comes close to the quality and mapping modes from their software.

If i wanted to spam, i would have done this a lot of times here already.

Okay, so now you’re just lying. You’re saying that some random person posted an almost identical message on another forum and you know nothing about it? lol.

They used the EXACT same screenshot that you used including the all of the settings and file path. They used the EXACT same sentences that you used in the EXACT same order providing the EXACT same links that you provided but of course you know nothing about this. lol

How do you know they have a lot of customers? The only people talking about it outside of their youtube channel are you and the guy who types the EXACT same things that you type. lol

I also notice that you’ve littered your response with keywords hoping that people will find your post via google search, rest assured, once they scroll down and see my post they’ll think twice about sending you their money.

Yes, I’m lying for sure! They used the same screenshot? if you go into their website, they upload software screenshots and i picked one of those at the time i posted here. I also use their Slack community and i know Ben, he even posts a lot of his personal conversions there.

Sending money? What’s your problem? Do you even go and watch their content on YouTube?
I purchased the Topaz Video Enhance AI software and even upgraded to their latest version.

I noticed the post on here and I wanted to help others finding this software, because it’s the best for SDR to HDR conversion. Believe whatever you want, if it makes you happy.

There’s no need for hate or being mean about this, did you even try the software to talk like that?

I’m not Ben, you can join the community and talk with him.

The post on AVS was on the 9th, and mine here a lot of time later.
Even if you wanted to believe i am Ben, he is an old trusted (a lot more than you are here) user on AVS Forum. And anyone is going to trust more an old AVS user than what you can say here about some software.

I thought it was good idea to share the software on here and also help the developers.

SDR to HDR can Also be done with Frame by Frame as a Option Each frame Can be processed Different Exposures and 32 Bit Color Mode in PhotoShop or 16.
Just Got iPhone 15 Pro Native Prores HDR LOG Normal.Any Use the Free Black magic Camera App ?

Yes exactly, me too!

Unifab can supposedly do it, I’ve tested it and yeah kinda, if you like flickering video it can certainly do that in HDR for ya! I wish Topaz would add SDR to HDR conversion, because the only other option I’m currently aware of is Colorfront Transkoder. It would also be nice if we could up-convert regular Dolby surround to Atmos and/or DTS Master. Unifab can do that too, if you like your audio out of sync. I think Transkoder can do it as well, but I’ve never used the program to know for certain.

I agree X1 is the only CPU that does something correct with upgrading dynamicaly SDR to HDR, but in some rare case, the rendering is “chocking”
All software SDR to HDR are to my mind pure bull****
Sony spent 9 years on improving this processor, we can’t say any other brand focused on it as much ont it …