SDR to HDR conversion

I was wondering about this because I would want to be able to convert a lot of my previous SDR content into HDR.

I don’t think it will be necessary, but it would be great to have. Just like the X1 from Sony. HDR is great for everything. And for beginner uses only.

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Some sort of SDR2HDR would definitely be wonderful, but will be difficult to implement in ‘auto’ mode, I fear.

if you mean input SDR content and upscale output to HDR content… I would be all for that, that would be amazing. Currently grading for HDR is far too tedious… but the benefit is wild for older pre-HDR content. Would love to transform my old movies to HDR.

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Hdr 10 and and hdr 10 + are open standards.
Dci p3 100% support later rec 2020 support but hlg and rec 2100 could be used for color processing.frames could be processes 800 % size.

Definitely this! Also, VEAI being a paid program and all, it would be nice to have support for some of the none open standards too, like Dolby Vision.

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I’d be interested in HDR10 output for non-HDR material, like upscaling a HD blu-ray to UHD HDR10.

Maybe with an AI algorithm. Can’t really be done accurately otherwise, it would be superficial, like applying an effect.

Why, the program is called Video Enhance AI. :stuck_out_tongue:

I know, I just thought it should have been made more clear that that was what was meant

Are you familiar with DGHDRtoSDR? It’s a well-known filter to convert from HDR to SDR. It does so by guesstimation and/or manual brightness settings. Point being, would be nice if VEAI could do the reverse (aka, lower blacklevels to lowest possible point, then guesstimate the brightness increase required, intelligently).

Even if brightness levels had to be set manually, I’d take it. :slight_smile:

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True and it’s a lovely idea, it’s just not going to be easy to implement, very often scenes don’t have any super bright white or pitch black parts to them, and to force them to become that way would make them look unatural. An AI would need to be developed that can understand the scene so it knows what the black levels and highlights should be, and crush the blacks or whites.

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All true. Would make VEAI a huge hit overnight, though. :slight_smile: HDR is the place to be, nowadays.

Look at Divinchi Resolve Studio.
It can Analize Frames Hdr10 has maxfall maxceil.
VEAI strippes Hdr info.
VEAI could examine frames and add
MaxFall And MaxCeil.


Output to ProRes or 16bit format and re-encode to HDR color space, they have the functionality it is just not explicitly defined

VEAI can do this? I’ve never seen this option. Please, tell me how. :slight_smile:

Like I said, you gotta output to one of those higher bit depth containers in the bottom right as part of your workflow, and if you check the colors afterwards, you will have either 10bit or 16bit range on your colors

Having a 10-bit color-depth is cute, but doesn’t automagically transform your video into a HDR movie with appropriately increased nits. If only.


Hello, there’s already one available to the public and it’s impressive. I got a license and the results are even better than what studio colorists are giving us in HDR10. I mean, it even does Dolby Vision with official tools (metafier/frame by frame).

The conversion process involves a Digital intermediate in ProRes HDR (professional way). It maps the HDR mode of the converter and with the output you load it to the HDR Digital Intermediate to HEVC deliverable. You have several options to choose even A.I. Upscaling using Nvidia, AV1 Encoding and a lot more.

I’m quite impressed with the quality of this. I don’t believe there’s anything like it anywhere else, at least not publicly available.

This is the site converter 1 month license (via their store): SDR to HDR Converter 1 Month Subscription – Tekno3D HDR-X

And this is where i have purchased the license (Patreon)
TEKNO3D SDR to HDR Video Converter - 1 Month Personal License | Patreon

One of the Modes (SDR to HDR GPU)

Here you can check out all screenshots of the software: TEKNO3D HDR-X SDR to HDR Video Converter 1.1.4 REV1 - Album on Imgur


That is so cool! Thank you so much for sharing this with me.