Resolution Error trying to uprez 360 footage to 8k

Hi all,

Im trying to upres 6k 360 footage (6144x3072) to 8k 360 (7680x3840). Because of the nonstandard size of 360 footage I had to use a custom output. I seem to be getting a consistent resolution error when I preview or try to export the file. I seem to have trace the issue down to the bitrate and the issue goes away when you change from Dynamic to Constant. I would ideally like to use a dynamic bitrate so I was wondering if anyone has any work around for this.

Computer: 2023 M2 Mac mini with 16gb of ram

2024-01-16-09-49-33-Main.tzlog (20.4 KB)

Can you please send the entire zip folder of logs by reaching out to our support team

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