Resolution Error and Driver Error

When I tried to upscale a video, it gave me a Resolution Error. I tried different output resolutions (first fullHD then I tried 4x Upscale) but both gave the error. I tried to export too just to see but it said driver error.

Alienware 17 R5 Laptop

I’ve attached my log files for support. (26.8 KB)

In the logs it is showing the driver error for the NVIDIA GPU card, you should be able to resolve this by downloading the latest Studio Driver for your GPU Card.


I don’t want to upgrade the driver for my Nvidia GPU since that machine works really well now and it’s my dedicated editing & scoring laptop. I don’t even connect that computer to the internet usually (I made an exception for installing this program but now it’s not working). Since I can’t get the program to work on my two laptops, can I get uninstall it from both and get another license to try it on my wife’s new laptop? She just got a new one so I think it should work on that.

You can uninstall it from the current computers and log in on your wife’s computer and download an installer and run it there as a test to see. Each license comes with two seats so removing it from the other two computers should allow you to log in on the third without an issue.

Ok great I’ll try that. Thanks a lot for your help.

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