Rendering error

Sorry if I’m reporting this to the wrong place. This is the 2nd time I’ve reported this. Log is below.

logsForSupport.tar.gz (54.2 KB)

Hi there, for future instances of processing errors, please reach out to Support directly.

Hi and thank you for writing in,

This appears to be a permissions issue;

Users/bobpierce/Dropbox/%3E Shared FIles-iMac/%3EPREMIERE PRO PROJECTS (DropBox)/TURTLE RESCUE LEAGUE 2021/AFTER EFFECTS/ No such file or directory

Please make sure that the export path you are writing out to is readable and writable by Topaz Video AI and that the path exists.

Try adding Video AI to the list of apps with ‘Full Disk Access’ in the macOS System Settings and restarting the app after.

Also are you writing out to dropbox or an external drive?

Thank you Ida, I’ll try that. The file is being saved to an internal folder synced with dropbox.

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