Remask transparent background not working

Hi everybody.
I am trying to separate part of a picture to include it inside another one with Affinity.
There is no problem to create the mask, bur, when I activate the button “background transparent” I do not get a transparent background, but a white background.
The result is completely unuseful for my purpose.
Do anybody met the same problem?

Since you say you are creating a mask, does that mean you are using Topaz Studio to separate part of an image that will then be used in Affinity?

No, I am using remask as a separate program.

Use ReMask as a plugin from Affinity Photo and follow the instructions here:

Thanks for these explanations, but it is a complicated way for beginners like me.
I bought remask precisely to avoid the operations of layers on Affinity, and have separately the result.
This does not explain why the button “transparent background” delivers a solid background.

What format you trying to save?

This kind of thing, but with a transparent background

This is JPG format which you can’t save a transparent background.
If I remember it’s need to be save in PNG Format with Transparent checked before saving.

Thank you for this answer. I will try it to morrow

Thank you very much, it works. :grinning::grinning:

Happy To Help.