Remask 5 multiple problems Standalone/plugin Version Windows 10


Just purchased Remask 5 a week ago and discovered a lot of problems when extracting the backgrounds of 20 TIFF’s.

1* In the standalone version there appears no image name when you open an image.

2* Save Trimap/mask doesn’t remember the folder location so you have to browse to the particular folder every time you save a mask (starting at “your computer”).

3* Every time you save your end-result/export, you are faced with a panel asking you to fill in all the settings for export and this for every single image you do.

4* After opening a saved Trimap/mask it seems that all refinements of the mask and adjustment settings that are made are gone and you can start all over again.

5* Exported PNG’s in this case contain artifacts/spots that are taken away before (with refining the mask) and are not visible anymore in the mask view or other views at 400% zoom and cost a lot of extra work later on in your photo editor. This is also in a realtime situation and not only with a previous saved mask and image.

*6 The background panel at the bottom never comes back when you reload an image and Trimap.

*7 The plugin works well in Photoshop, but not in Affinity Photo (layer mask doesn’t appear!).

The application feels like a beta version and I wonder are there more people with these problems and more important how did you solve them?

Oh yes I stayed in RGB from the beginning till the end.

And please be smart and install a certificate (SSL) on your server it’s 2019!


There are articles about Affinity Photo/Topaz Plugins both on this forum and the Affinity forum … see this article to recover the mask:

Some of the things that you are saying should really be placed in the product feature requests section as they are not bugs but things you want to fit your workflow. For some of the issues you should raise a support request, e.g.:

  • Exported PNG’s

Things such as:

Are already included in the Tri-Map mask which is a mask as you would find returned to a host in the case of ReMask being used as a plugin…

Hi Don,

Thanks for the detailed reply! Can you please explain this a little more:
Re-edit the mask in ReMask:
You can re-edit the mask by simply calling ReMask again with the layer returned previously.


Reading the Help file will explain a lot but remember that if you are using from Affinity Photo you have to do as I explained in the post referenced above each and every time you reedit.

Above all you need to set the preferences in ReMask like this for PS/AP: