Recover Face leaves beard below chin untouched

In a trial of Topaz AI Photo 2.1, I am seeing the Recover Faces option unable to deal with beards consistently. Particularly in old photos (1900’s) where men had rather long beards, the AI does a nice job resolving mustaches and the beard close to the mouth. However, when the beard is long, the AI chops off at the neck and leaves the rest of the beard untouched. Even sharpen image does not do enough to make any kind of visual blend possible.

When I checked the subject mask, the entire person was automatically selected, so it wasn’t that the lower half of the beard was outside the subject mask.

Screen capture to be attached. Would it be possible in future to adjust the mask on the Recover Faces to include things like long beards?

Topaz Photo AI [v2.1] on [Mac]
MacBook Pro System Report.spx (7.6 MB)


I am experiencing this as well on many of my photos. I am new to Topaz AI so it may be a learning issue. I hope someone can provide the answer. You ask a great question.

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