Raw files from Samsung S23 Ultra are super dark when opened

When trying to process raw (.dng) files from my S23 Ultra smartphone, the preview is much darker than the corresponding .jpg file. This occurs whether or not Lens Correction is enabled in the preferences. The darkness also is seen if the processed file is saved.

I attempted to add screenshots show what is happening in this topic, but wasn’t able to get this to work.

Topaz Photo AI v1.3.11 on Windows

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Hi @lpenderg, it looks like the Galaxy S23 is not a supported camera quite yet within our RAW library.

We use a third-party software called LibRaw to read RAW files, so we’ll just need to wait for them to add support for this before we can add it to Topaz Photo AI

LibRaw 0.21 Supported Cameras

If you conver your image file to TIFF before importing it to Topaz Photo AI, it should maintain the exposure :slight_smile:


OK, thanks. It was unclear whether my phone was included or not. Thanks for the workaround, though. Maybe there’s a good batch converter somewhere that will do that.

OK, thank you!

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