Public Release Mask AI v 1.2.4

I created this topic because there does not appear to be any way to provide feedback (not Tech Support) for the Public release of Mask AI v 1.2.4

Mask AI said there was a new release so I installed it. It started processing but took so long staying at 11% that I thought it wasn’t going to work at all, but, then it got moving. Subsequent processing was much faster, so I think the initial run was slow because of optimization.

With one image it looked like it was doing a much better job masking fine hair detail on a portrait, but with other images I get poor results with the background (solid colors) outlining the face. For some reason the processing produces very good reuslts and for other images it is very poor even with photos that appear as if the masking should be equally challenging.

Overall I think this version is in some cases better than the prior versions, but in other cases it is not that good.

I get annoyed because file name add on is not simply CUT which is what I want but CUT transparent. I have to erase the unwanted part each time. How about simply using what I choose ?

Same thing with the option for compression. Since I want slow compression I would like to be able to set it to always choose that in the Preferences.

Finally, a number of times, after saving the Cut file, I was not able to save the Trimap successfully. I got a Trimap that was simply all green. This happened for 3 -4 different images sequentially, but worked ok after I exited the program and restarted.

It just happened again. After saving the CUT image, my selections disappeared, and I was back to where I started. The Trimap that I created was gone.

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The release information is posted here:

Product Releases Category

In the case of Mask AI, 1.2.4 is mentioned within the higher level release notice 1.2.0

I posted this in 1.2.0 thread about 1.2.4 so I will repeat it here again!

When invoked from my Studio (completely updated) Mask 1.2.4 goes through the masking operation without any issues. But when I click on Apply the IMAGE in Studio is NOT updated but in the right panel in Studio it shows as Mask operation being completed! And right after switching back to Studio I also see OTHER minor screen changes but NO change to the image! The same operation with the same image works in Standalone mode!

Firstly, I’ve deleted your other post - please do not make duplicate posts.

Secondly, that’s how Mask AI works currently. If in Mask AI you add a background, either colour or an image, when you click on Apply you’ll be given a choice of either Transparent or Composite. Choose Composite and, as expected, the image and background will be displayed in Studio. If you don’t add a background then, as you’ve found, the mask alone is returned to Studio and the image is still the original. What then happens is that any filters you subsequently add to the layer stack and drag below the mask layer will have the mask applied to them, meaning that they will only be applied to the part represented by black on the mask. Not very intuitive, I know, but that’s how it works currently.

I don’t know what duplicate posts you have found. I only got the updated version a day or two ago, so any comments I had must have been for an earlier version.

In any case thanks for your explanation. It makes sense, however if I never want or use a background inside Mask AI I still would like to have the Option of keeping the image file name shorter by not having something added that I never use. If I changed my mind, then it would be helpful if I could change the Option in the preferences. In fact why not allow Prefix as in Gigapixel? Consistency in the Options would be very welcome.

I have now had more problems with this version. After saving the CUT image, all of the masking disappears and if you save the trimap, you get nothing (as expected).

Furthermore, I also experienced freezes, which you can only get out of with End Tasking. Seems to me that this 1.2.4 version should not have been released from Beta Testing. I don’t think I have ever had issues like this with earlier versions of Mask AI.

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@drdancm The duplicate posts were nothing to do with you, but referred to the post above mine, Sorry for any confuaion.

I often use masking in my images. Mask AI will handle around half ok but it is always with some trepidation that I use it, consistent results is not a hallmark of the AI products. With Mask AI there is always a white halo around the image but I’ve learned to deal with that with masking in ON1. When things go wrong I go back to Remask 5 which is at least consistent but seems to handle only 8-bit images, if it wasn’t for that I’d prefer Remask all the time over Mask AI.


I’m not happy to say this.
The new Selection Tool in Photoshop CC June 2020 is so much improved over the prior Photoshop version, that it is also far easier to use and delivers much better results with the separation of fine hair strands in Portraits than Mask AI. The resulting edges are smoother and cleaner with little or no effort.

What I would like is for Topaz Labs to make Mask AI as good in doing its job as Gigapixel AI is at doing its job. Right now the Photoshop AI tool is more successful working with hair strands.

I don’t have any problem with 16 bit images in Remask 5.

Yeah, that should say: “but seems to handle only 8-bit images when called from ON1 as a plugin”